Ferrari is in swing, because performances in Formula 1 are not continuous

Ferrari is in swing, because performances in Formula 1 are not continuous

The Italian Grand Prix highlighted the bright reds in qualifying and the fast reds in the race. Vasseur is optimistic, “because in Zandvoort we have also made progress on different tracks.” But performance is still patchy

Veronato is correct

– Milan

Monza said after Red Bull There was just there Ferrari, others are not really seen. Let’s take the good things he said this weekend.” An animation arrived Fred Vasseur There is an understandable sense of complacency about the way the wild horse faced and contested the Italian Grand Prix, an event the Scuderia feels deeply and somewhat dreads. It scares you because in a season with high expectations and sadly not met, racing in front of your fans is always an appointment not to be missed, and bad impressions are not allowed, no matter how valuable the opponents are. And then, having narrowly escaped danger, it can be said in this sense that Ferrari did everything it could and respected the appointment, brought in the best materials available, studied the settings well, and overcame Red Bull in qualifying and kept him in the race for as long as possible. The crowd enjoyed, even witnessing the last two redheads battling it out, and those who went home will keep a good memory of that race, better than the third and fourth place Carlos Sainz Jr And Charles LocklearWhich can in no way be defined as a success for Ferrari.

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Roller Verstappen

This is the law of the sport and the track, in Formula 1 the strongest always wins. The truth today is that when you fall behind Red Bull you can almost brag about your result as if you are the best in the rest of the world. Max Verstappen is a solid driver who wins and does so by driving the car as his team mate Sergio Perez failed to do so, the third title is now in the safe. The countdown has begun and curiosity is no longer ‘if’ or even ‘when’, but if Red Bull can win all eight remaining races, they will complete an impressive record of all wins in a full season. What George Russell predicted after the first race in Bahrain: Today there are only a few paradoxes left about this prediction.

The target is second place

What can Ferrari expect in the races that we will see? There will certainly be another ups and downs, and that is the technical direction right now. However, given that in sport you always need to set goals for yourself, Cavallino da Monza has relaunched his challenge for second place in the constructors’ field. Today’s standings see Mercedes in 273rd, Ferrari in 228th and Aston Martin driven by Fernando Alonso (not received at Monza) in 217th. A realistic goal? Vasseur thought so. “Since the start of the season, the order of values ​​has changed from one track to another – said the team manager – we’ll start from zero until next time in Singapore, it will be another challenge. We have to pick up all the positives this weekend, the team did a good job and I’m happy with it.” Yes, the masses. Path-dependent outcome?” Let’s say this kind of path helps us and allows us more. Singapore would be another story, but we understood the situation better after Zandvoort, so we hope to take a step forward on that kind of track as well.”

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The second is non-trivial

All investments will now go into the single-seater for 2024, and Ferrari have competed at Monza on their last all-new power unit of the season to get the most out of it, so let’s get ready to see new results in the flow depending on the type of track. Singapore, a city circuit where load is important, will be the first test platform to see if what was learned at Zandvoort about the SF-23’s behavior can translate into better performance compared to Mercedes and Aston Martin. Competing for second place in the Constructors’ Championship, first among others in 2023, is not trivial as he has to cruise towards 2024 and means preparing for success if Verstappen or Perez stumble on their victorious paths. After all, as Gerhard Berger points out, this will not be a trivial matter. No one remembers who finished second, but to this day everyone remembers who stopped McLaren’s winning streak in 1988, which they started to win all that year.

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