Spal Co and Genoa in the second round of the Italian Cup

Spal Co and Genoa in the second round of the Italian Cup


The race is over, Genoa wins

93′- Three minutes later, the Ferraris race ended: in Marassi Genoa beat SPAL de Rossi 1-0 (Goal Gudmundsson a penalty kick in the first half) and separates the pass to Italian Cup Round of 16. The Rossoble in the next round will challenge Rome in Jose Mourinho


recovery begins

90′- three minutes from recovery granted by referee


Change in Genoa

86′- Replacement in rossobls: pleasen insert Aramo to Gudmundssonthe author of the goal that comes out between Applause from Genoa fans Found in Ferraris


Exchange between guests

85′- change in spal: joins De Rossi . team maestro instead of Murgia


Yalcin “Blessing” Sepal

84′- other great missed opportunity From Genoa: to spoil it YalcinThe one who enters the area and then kicks with his right Out of network coverage From an excellent location


Genoa’s second yellow card

79′- secondly reproach to Genoa (Fourth of the match): a yellow card for Pushka


The first yellow for rosobilis

77′- third reproach From the game, the first for a player from Genoa: card recipient my head


Genoa is close to double

76′- Genoa again serious: Pushka He frees himself well in the SPAL penalty area but then lose the moment for the shot


Another change I have a Russian

75′- Novava’s replacement in SPAL, who in the final will chase after himself and introduce new forces into the attack: in Vinotto instead of Moncini


Beda saves on Gudmundsson

72′- Again risk For Spall de Rossi, whom Beda saved closes in processing On Gudmundsson they were thrown toward the door. Then rossobl himself High kicks from a good position On the corner kick developments


Danger to Spal

70′- The thrill of Sabal: cross from the left e No-load output By Thiam, but fortunately for him no football player Genoa benefit from it

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Two more changes to Blessin

65′- Until now Two changes in Genoa: It’s time Tori and Zippora who enter the domain instead of Frendrup and Pajac


Double move I have a Russian

61′- Substitutions also in spal: Zanellato and Dickman come! Called back to the bench By De Rossi who put it in place Valsagna and Fiordaleso


Substitutions in Genoa

58′- Double change in Genoa: pleasen cast into the fray Pushka and Yalcin Instead of Yeboah and Portanova


Yeboah roars

57′- Double chance lost from Genoa with Yeboah: The attacker who enters the area rushed and instead of serving Gudmundsson Free In the area kicks at the visiting goalkeeper Thiam


Yellow second of the match

52′- according to yellow card From the game and still a football player spal: restart Genoa organized by Badelj e Almesi Yellow is spent to turn off shoot yboah


guest reaction

50′- Best match out there spal This second time: they clearly served De Rossi’s connotations In the interval, with the guests in this start shooting forced Genoa on the defensive


Start recovery, change in Spa

started in the other half In Marassi with Genoa leading 1-0 over SPAL: among the guests changingwith the attacker my Lord Instead of the attacking midfielder Tongov Rossi who passes 3-4-2-1 to 3-4-1-2


The first half is over

The first half is over anchors: Genoa and Sabal go to the locker room with rossoblù forward 1-0 Thanks to the goal he scored from a penalty kick Gudmundsson One step away from the interval


suitable spal

48′- spal try to reply: On the development of the corner Esposito intersects with it beda This head does not frame the door

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Goals from Gudmundsson ahead of Genoa

46′- After a long file scan mouse (under review position of Portanova before the bank) The penalty kick is confirmed: you go to the penalty point Gudmundsson who surpasses Thiam and leads Genoa (1-0)


Punishment for Genoa

42′- Crossing of Jagiello in a free kick and a bank by Portanovawith the ball at the end an arm (broad) by Moncini: Referee refers to Floppy disk and give a kick Accuracy to Genoa


Portanova waste

34′- Coincidence lost From Genoa: miss the target Portanovawhich is placed in front of the goalkeeper Gudmundsson But it’s a lot of kicks centrally Thus allowing the display a Thiam


Genoa opportunity

31′- Suitable for Genoa: Al-Meshi loses Yeboah in it broken However, he fails to frame the door and sends balloon at the bottom


Yeboah rises

30′- does not change script From the match: to present the match is Genoa that dominate in possession of the ball But he can’t worry anyone spal who defends himself with the system in his half: after a hint of Gudmundsson Then try to kick off the edge YeboahWith the ball flying over the crossbar


The review is aimed at Portanova

22′- football punishment from 25 meters to Genoa: the ball goes Portanova from right high kick over the bar


Spal chance

20′- The first corner of the game for the guests: Esposito From knowledge begins one Scheme Which leads dickman At the cross on the far post where he comes out Almesi from the head touches the pole


The dominance of red and blue

17′- regional hegemony Genoa Who attacks the right and returns dangerous: a tense cross Jagello But it is in good shape, however Free


The first yellow of the match

11′- Here comes the first logo card From the match: color yellow and the recipient zanilato spal, to caution For serious game yes brouwn

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Yeboah tries again

9′- Insists Genoa insist with Yeboah Which, however, does not break through: this time it is Esposito To stop him, earn a free kick to do it From the striker of Rossoble


Beda stop Yeboah

5′- The Genoa di Blessin tries to play the game with spal By De Rossi defending himself: Yeboah He tries to shove himself in the area but is stopped cleanly beda


Game started

start whistle anchorswhere I started Genoa Spal Valid for the second round of Italian Cup


Official lineups

Genoa (4-2-3-1): Semper. Hefty, Voglako, Bani, Pajak; Badelj, Frendrup; Jagello, Portanova, Albert; Yeboah. Coach: plesin.

SPAL (3-5-2): Thiam. Almesi, Beda, D. Mora; Dickman, Murgia, Esposito, Celia, Zanellato; Tongoff, Moncini. Coach: De Rossi.


“The Coppa Italia reminds me of Roma-Tristina maybe, if we want to talk about the debut. My first match was a season in which I thought I would play some other matches together. I knew the coach’s intention was to let those with less space play and instead I sat on the bench There too. I entered, I was very excited. I scored on penalties and the next day the coach even praised me in front of the “old man”. About 20 years have passed even if I did I still remember … “. This is what De Rossi said in one of the pre-match press conference paragraphs.

Where to see Genoa Spal: broadcast and live TV

The Genoa Spal will take place at 6pm at the Ferraris Stadium in Genoa and will be visible live on Italy 1.

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