Far from Rome immediately, no longer welcome

The Lazio Ultras wage war on Francesco Acerbi and demand that the club immediately sell him: “Acerbi is no longer welcome in Rome.”

Accra scores a heavy goal for Lazio, which won in veniceBut despite this he was not celebrated by the fans who, on the contrary, attacked him after the match with a press release and asked Lazio to sell him on the January market. Very difficult words: “An immature man without honor, away from Rome at once.”

Francesco Acerbi had a great day, because he should have celebrated with a smile the success of Lazio and the goal that put his team ahead in Venice, but he did not. First of all, because when he scored he had to fight to make it clear that the goal was his and not Cataldi’s who kicked the corner kick – Acerby touched the ball with his shoulder and then 1-2 lah. The defender plays the game, gets injured, recovers, continues and eventually smiles, but without exaggerating it when Louis Alberto He scored the final goal 3-1.

But this is not a memorable day for him, because the Lazio curve does not celebrate its goal, and it is no coincidence. Because despite the “lion” i hate And the flag of Lazio (with 160 matches and a contract until 2025) Bianquilesti fans, coming from the north, from Friday no longer love him and do not want to see him again in Rome. But What happened to start this war? Friday in Lazio Genoa ‘Ace’ scores, passing under the curve and putting his finger a little higher than his nose, he seemed to want to silence the curve. A gesture regretted by the defender: “I made a mistake, I went too far because of the adrenaline, I didn’t want to disrespect anyone, you know how much I care about Lazio.” Also on Instagram, Acerbi quickly tries to put the patch, and apologizes to the fans by posting a video.

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The ruthless press release of Corva Nord v Akberbi

But now he is throwing the dice for the North, who was not happy with a 2-1 goal against Venice, and a few hours after the match was published. Press release Where to sell Acerbi. And the words carved in stone are very harsh: “An immature man without honor will turn away from Rome at once. There is no forgiveness for those who betray.” […] Unfortunately, today’s players are well used to it and have never seen a conflict as it should have.”

And this is only the beginning. After recalling, on the Voice of the North Facebook page, that the club’s legends have also been disputed, Curve wrote: Acerby silenced the curve in the last game after months of backing up to the bitter finishDespite the bad games, immediately afterwards the situation on the microphones was made even worse, his video of his apology being forced and devoid of feeling.”

Also, according to the fans, the defender of the national team had a “chance” to apologize in Venice: He added, “He had the opportunity to apologize under the guest oath, which was occupied by 3,000 Lazio fans. At the end of the match, like a hare, while the other players came to cheer with us, walk away. He retreated when sincere apologies were enough.”

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And the conclusion of a very long remark is very difficult and above all very clear, the fraction cannot be reconfigured at all: “It doesn’t matter to us that Acerbi is an important player at Lazio. Sweat, determination and respect are important to us. That is why Acerbi is no longer welcome in Rome. As long as he’s here he’ll be booed, In every match. immature get away”

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