“Full for Free”, a cool trick for motorists to pay 0 euros for petrol

“Full for Free”, a cool trick for motorists to pay 0 euros for petrol

The cost of fuel has risen significantly and many consumers are wondering how to fill it up for free.

Gasoline filling trick – Motori.News

In fact, there is more than one system for Pay 0 euros for petrol And we want to reveal some tricks to save.

There are smartphone apps, methods, and software for collecting petrol coupons and more. Everything is completely legal.

Read carefully.

Full for free: watch out for free petrol coupons

Anyone can get it Free petrol vouchers, a voucher to be spent on refueling at a cost of 0 legally. Many fuel operators (and some supermarkets) allow you to get loyalty cards to collect points for free fuel vouchers of 10, 20 or 30 euros.

completely free
Complete Free Trick – Motorinews.it

You can order it from your trusted distributor: among the most popular fuel managers that give out loyalty cards, we find Q8 Winnie (You & Eni programme).

Free petrol vouchers with scanning system

You can get free fuel coupons by answering Online polls With a fuel credit system. Once a certain score is reached, a voucher can be used.

Among the many survey sites that provide this opportunity, we find Mistle board and matching.

After registration you will be able to answer the questionnaires received by e-mail. With a certain accumulation of points, you can get petrol vouchers worth 10 and 20 euros.

Free petrol (or almost) thanks to apps

Another effective way to memorize was presented by The app to download to your smartphone That allows you to find fuel dispensers at competitive prices.

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full for free
Gasoline filling trick – Motori.News

Recommended apps are Petrol Prices, ViaMichelin and Waze available for Android and iOS devices.

With Gasoline prices Just enter the vehicle’s fuel type (Petrol, Diesel, Methane, LPG) by activating your location. The map will indicate the most suitable distributors with relative prices.

Via Michelin and Wise are satellite navigators.

In the search for prices section of by Michelin You can geolocate on interactive maps to find the best petrol and diesel prices in the vicinity.

wizz A large community of users can be counted on to provide information on traffic, intermittent roads and speed cameras. Here you can also find the search for the best fuel price.

completely free
Complete Free Trick – Motorinews.it

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