Fear for Samantha De Grenette: An irreparable accident at home | “Now she is afraid and vulnerable.”

Fear for Samantha De Grenette: An irreparable accident at home |  “Now she is afraid and vulnerable.”
Samantha de Grenette – Source: Instagram – Belligea.it

Samantha de Grenette wanted to speak her mind about a somewhat sticky situation. Here are his doubts and confusion.

The beauty is 52 years old Samantha DegrenetHowever, few people give it His age, as it appears much less. With this air The eternal little girlbroadcaster and showgirl, is one of them today Steady presence In the hearts of his followers thanks to his presence on social media. Not only does she share funny skits with her friend Elinor Casalegno, but… Facts of life Newspapers that represent him.

He often reveals that he is an influencer banner It’s about those issues where you leave that feeling of inner remembrance, which is why it’s not surprising that Samantha wants to express her opinion In fact Which is doing the rounds on the internet these days. Here’s what he’s referring to.

Samantha de Grenette sayings

As we said, Samantha Degrenettends to share not only his thoughts about important events, but also successes Personal factsWhich he wants to share with his loyal followers. In this regard, he informed his followers a few weeks ago that his father, Mario de Grenetteunderwent surgery In the hip At the age of 86 years. The man who appeared strong and smiling in the photos was trapped By his wife and children, even if only the two daughters appear in the shot. Samantha’s brother was also present there, as she herself confirmed, but because of his reluctance to introduce himself publicly, he preferred to take that photo without pretending.

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In the end, it didn’t matter what the fans thought, because Mario knew full well that he had it all His family’s affection, with or without social posts. De Grenet is very close to her parents and feels grateful to have them healthy by her side, she said Silvia Tuvanen: “…Knowing that I can still enjoy it makes me the happiest woman in the world…”

Samantha de Grenette on GF
Ideas by Samantha De Grenette – Source: Instagram – Belligea.it

Big Brother issue

Samantha Degrenet He has an idyllic relationship with the father She considers him one of the most selfless men she knows, but his words show very different Towards another father, the former father of Jevina, Heidi kisses. The truth about what happened in the last episode of Big brotherleaving everyone in shock, not only the followers but also the VIPs wanted to have an opinion on everything This story. From her sofa, de Grenette also saw irreparable damage being done to the house: For Heidi, it was too much.

Obviously we can’t know which one it is Real situation Between Heidi and her father and Massimiliano Varese, but that was all impression What De Grenet had regarding this whole story: “…the feeling I had was that of a frightened girl, worried about her father’s ‘rule…’”. a User on social media He agreed with her, stressing that the previous Jevina, in his opinion, was: “Scared and vulnerable“, which makes the situation worse. What do you think about that? Do you agree with what Samantha said?

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