Team Summer Hits, Rai Music Show 2: Previews and Lineup

Team Summer Hits, Rai Music Show 2: Previews and Lineup

Tonight, Sunday 25 Junestart in Team Summer Hits 2023the musical show produced by friends Which will lead to the TV Six live dates With the most beautiful music of the moment and beyond. A lot of artists will perform on stage to attract the live audience to the crowd and all viewers to follow opinion 2. Let’s see some previews of the evening.

Team Summer Hits, previews

to Present Musical evenings opinion 2 There will be Andrea DeLugothe second time on top Team Summer Hitsand Filippo Nevani in Art nick. It’s all sharing own goalsthe famous trio of YouTubers, radio hosts, and impersonators consisting of Alexander ErasyAnd Michael Negroni And Alessandro Trulli.

The show will be simulcast on Rai radio 2live on the radio by a journalist Delita Barlangleywhile to accommodate in behind the scenes All artists create additional content for Rai 2 Radio’s social profiles and find out more about it Emma Stockholm.

Artists on stage at Tim Summer Hits

to perform on stage at Team Summer Hits There will be many artists, from the great faces of Italian music to newer but already successful talents. In particular we will be able to hear blows Angelina MangoAnd Achilles Lauro And Wicked RoseAnd Rocco HuntAnd I’m MinaAnd BoomdabashAnd GeorgiaAnd AnnalisaAnd Tanani.

still AriesAnd Ringa and NickAnd ariseAnd Piero BelloAnd purpose 31And Saint JohnAnd AvaAnd Arama and RukumiAnd Anna and Cabo PlazaAnd Baby KAnd Emis KelaAnd Tactical Nuclear PenguinsAnd whateverAnd JayaAnd Boron and OrianaAnd Louis StrangesAnd brishAnd Fabio Rofazzi and Oretta BertiAnd Carl Brave And Mara Sati.

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But it does not end there, because we will also see him on stage ClaraAnd Francesca MichelinAnd Colapis and DiMartinoAnd zombie thingsAnd Leo GassmanAnd Dargin D’AmicoAnd AlodiceAnd Fabrizio MoroAnd my ladyAnd FedezAnd Francesco GapaniAnd LDAAnd GianmariaAnd the EastAnd Max PaisleyAnd Marco MengoniAnd ColorsAnd Matteo RomanAnd Sophie and the giantsAnd Miss KeitaAnd Shadow and Federica CartaAnd Mr. RyanAnd Thomas ParadiseAnd Paula and ClaireAnd AlbruziAnd Rosa ChemicalAnd ruffAnd WayneAnd ruffAnd TeduaAnd Tony Ivey And wax.

When and where you can watch Team Summer Hits

the First date With the second version of the show Team Summer Hits It will air tonight Sunday 25 June 2023, primetime on 21:10 about on opinion 2and at the same time on Rai radio 2 And on the channel 202 for digital earth. The offer will also be available on the platform Ray Play. An appointment not to be missed with lots of good music, surprises, artists, guests and much more.

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