Fans are mourning Matthew Perry and Chandler Bing from Friends – TV

Fans are mourning Matthew Perry and Chandler Bing from Friends – TV

Hollywood and fans of all ages are mourning the death of Matthew Perry, the beloved Chandler Bing from Friends, who was found drowned yesterday at his villa in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. There were no drugs in the house, for the actor who has battled any kind of addiction in the past, but the police found several anti-anxiety and depression medications: the police said it would take months before toxicology tests would give their results. Agencies that rule out any suspicious asset. According to TMZ, Perry, 54, was having a typical day before his death: He played two hours of pickleball, a sport he was a fan of, at a club near his home. He then asked his assistant to go get him a new iPhone and a pair of glasses. After returning from missions, the assistant found the actor unconscious in the jacuzzi and called emergency numbers.

video Fans mourn Matthew Perry, flowers and cards in front of the ‘Friends’ house.

Shock and condolence were the primary theme of messages posted on social media by friends and colleagues of Joey’s sarcastic best friend, but also the most sarcastic and unhappiest Central Park café patrons in more than 200 episodes of the 10 seasons that aired. on NBC between 1994 and 2004. On behalf of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc, the sitcom’s official Instagram profile posted a group message in honor of Matthew, “a true gift to all of us.” Other Friends alumni, such as Morgan Fairchild, Chandler’s mother in the sitcom, posted tributes. For Mira Sorvino, who starred with Perry in the 1994 film Parallel Lives, the former actress was “a sweet, tortured soul. I hope he finds peace and happiness in heaven.” Among the many letters, there is also a letter from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom Matthew played as a child when his mother worked as a spokeswoman for Justin’s father, Pierre, who was then Prime Minister of Ottawa.

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Matthew wasn’t alone on Friends: In a career spanning nearly 40 years, he first appeared as a teenager in a 1979 episode of the crime show 240-Robert. The role of Chandler filled him from the age of 24 to 34 years. “You’re funny, but I don’t want to be there when you stop laughing. You have intimacy issues. You use your sense of humor to keep people at a distance. Are you an only child? Your parents divorced before puberty? By the book,” she told him in one episode of the season. The first is that the psychologist Roger is the boyfriend of his girlfriend Phoebe. Matthew himself admitted it: it was as if someone had followed him for a year and stolen all his jokes, “imitating his vision of the world, tired of life and at the same time funny.”
Perry detailed his ups and downs in his 2022 memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Terrible Thing. Due to an accident in 1997, he was prescribed Vicodin and became so addicted to it that he was taking 55 pills a day. To free himself from alcohol and drugs, he has been in and out of detox centers for decades. In 2018, he risked death from a gastrointestinal perforation, underwent surgery and spent months in hospital. In memory today, Sky Series re-proposes the special Friends: The Reunion that two years ago saw the actor reunite with his historic cast mates at Warner Studios’ Stage 24 in Burbank, the iconic theater that turned half a dozen newbies into global stars.

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