Interview with Judith Collel about the fashion brand Lola Casademunt for 080 Fashion Barcelona magazine

Interview with Judith Collel about the fashion brand Lola Casademunt for 080 Fashion Barcelona magazine

What is your relationship with fashion?

– I love fashion very much, but it wasn't until the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2010 that I had a question, “Now what should I wear?” I realized it was a responsibility. I was there with the actress Aina Clotet, and she was the one who guided me a little bit through this world. I haven't always collaborated with the same brand, because I think it's also a process of self-knowledge and adaptation to the moment of life. For example, in the beginning, when I was vice president of the Spanish Film Academy, I started dressing as Cousteau. Then I researched this world with the help of professionals, because I have to admit that I don't know much about combining clothes.

As President of the Catalan Film Academy, how important is clothing to you?

— Now that I am President of the Academy, I believe that politeness and good manners are almost a form of respect for the position I hold, and even more so in public. The world of fashion, like the world of art, music and theatre, is closely linked to cinema and festivals. Therefore, supporting Catalan fashion companies is important. But I was afraid to stray away from that distance and the absurdity of “oops, don’t dress too much, it doesn’t fit your profile.” This is nonsense because fashion is also art and part of the world of culture.

As a collaborator of Lola Casademunt for years, how would you describe her clothes?

– Stylish, fun, very portable and suitable for everyone. With Lola Casademunt I found a brand that I feel comfortable with and that represents me, and it is also a Catalan brand. There are other international brands that I might like as well, but I think the most consistent thing is to wear someone from here with the Catalan label.

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Have you heard of her before working with her?

– I have worked with her for many years, but it is true that I met her through jewelry, which was the work of the mother of Maite Casademont, the woman after whom the brand is named, Lola Casademont. I also think that the company has made a very big change in recent years, they have created very distinctive clothes, and I don't seem to like these clothes.Animal print! I don't wear it very often, but even then you can see that it's Lola Casademont. I am the example that you can wear Lola Casademunt clothes without wearing too much Animal print.

How have Lola Casademunt professionals helped you define your style?

– I used to wear a lot of black and they helped me get out of that comfort zone while maintaining my style, which I think is a very difficult balance to strike.

I attended different exhibition stands of the company. As someone interested in the world of cinema, did you imagine integrating into the world of fashion in this way?

– I really enjoy the parades. People may think that they are roll, fashion shows, this is not true! They are so short and everything goes in them! I love 080 and really enjoy everything they curate, because I think the Barcelona brand is very noticeable and goes above and beyond fashion. In the end, the world of fashion and cinema are so closely linked, I cannot imagine an Almodóvar film without a wardrobe that is extremely precise and representative of its essence. On the other hand, brands have now taken cinema as a weapon, and film directors are responsible for the design of their products Fashion movies.

What dress do you particularly remember?

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– I have very good memories of the dress I wore until the last Gaudi, which although it was all black – in my comfort zone – they achieved a more rocker and casual look, with sequins on the shirt and both on the American

If you had to convince someone to bring in Lola Casademunt what would you tell them?

-I've already done this with many of my friends! I think that although there is a distinct style, it has many different styles, meaning it can be adapted to all types of women, from younger ones to more mature ones. Undoubtedly, it is a very open-minded brand that has no problem dressing women of all body types and ages, which is something to be appreciated. This ability makes them a 10.

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