Are you thinking about buying a house at auction? Watch out for these five risks to your investment

Are you thinking about buying a house at auction?  Watch out for these five risks to your investment

If you want to buy a house at auction, be careful! There are things you need to know to avoid risks: Here are the five points to analyze.

Having our own house is the desire of many people, we do our best to achieve the goal: we try to save to increase the money we save, we take out a small mortgage and maybe with the help of family we can buy a property. Unfortunately, it’s not easy these days, and sometimes you have to give in to avoid falling into too much debt. But in recent years there is another possibility: selling homes at court auction.

Buying a house at auction saves us a lot of money and is a real bargain; It is an investment that some make to obtain a first home and others make to earn a small income by renting it. There are good deals in the market in all cities. The procedure is a little more complicated than a normal purchase but good results can be achieved. However, we must be careful because this type of house can save us some unpleasant surprises. There are some things to know to avoid taking risks.

Let’s see together the most common risks that we can face when participating in a property auction.

Participating in the auction is not that simple, we can win a house that represents a real bargain but we must carefully analyze the history of the property to avoid surprises: we must carefully read the appraisal which is the most reliable document regarding the history of the property. Ownership If we are not experts, perhaps it is better to rely on a specialized person who will accompany us in the choice.

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Buying a House at Auction: What to Consider

Buying a house at auction, everything you need to know (

– The court has the right to sell everything that has been seized, but there is no guarantee of the legal status in which the properties are located. To be more clear, we could buy a house that is completely illegal and we would not be able to live in it.

-Banks are not always willing to provide mortgages on properties at auction. If the home runs into technical or legal problems, even if they are easy to solve in most cases, the bank will withdraw the mortgage and not issue it. This can be a real problem for us: we are about to run out, we have to pay the balance and the bank closes the taps!

-Sometimes you find properties at auction that are not exclusive ownership: after we have purchased them we may realize that we are not 100% owners due to usufruct rights or abstract ownership issues.

Be informed before buying a home at auction, your future depends on it.

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