[VÍDEO] Oques Grasses publishes a new song after three years: “Com está el pati”

[VÍDEO] Oques Grasses publishes a new song after three years: “Com está el pati”

After three years without new music Fat geese This Thursday he published “Com está el pati,” the first and only presentation of his sixth work, which will be released this spring.

The song, which is accompanied by a music video, is a rap track recorded with a balloon, drums, and a bass line made of distorted guitar and vocals, and sometimes distorted audio by a tape recorder.

“I want to live my dream. Take away that you have to make pasta. Work on what I love. Wake up, you have to make pasta,” sings Josep Montero.

“Com está el pati” is presented as a “first diversion” with a video produced by Pere Sala and produced by Play Your Brand in Barcelona.

The clip matches the audience's expectations about the new album and presents Oques Grasses as a successful main group.

The group's new album will be released this spring and, as Halley Records puts it, “conceals a collection of house's trademark productions, requiring leisurely, almost leisurely listening.”

The first concert of the new tour will be on April 20th in Cruïlla DO Terra Alta, on the 27th in Strenes de Girona and in Pais Valencia on May 25th.

The Osonecs bid farewell to the stage at the beginning of 2023 with an epic concert at Palau Sant Jordi watched by 18,400 people, a record attendance at the venue.

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