Students from Cisterna di Latina winners of the Genoa Science Festival

Students from Cisterna di Latina winners of the Genoa Science Festival

Cisterna di Latina students received a prestigious award. Last October 27, as part of Science Festivalin the Ducale Palace in Genoa, class 3^a SubordinatePliny the Elder Comprehensive Institute to Latina cisterncoordinated by Professor Patricia Montelli, received an award First prize From the twenty-sixth edition “National Youth Award – Department of Basic Chemistry and Plastics”from the Federschemica Youth Competition 2022/2023.

the a race They were created by Assobase and PlasticsEurope Italia – the Federchimica associations representing the industrial sector for basic chemistry and plastics – and by the Italian Chemical Society – the scientific association whose aim is to promote the study and progress of chemistry and its applications – and by Amaplast – the Association of Manufacturers of Plastics Manufacturing Machinery.

in2022-23 edition He participated in the award 56 school groups from all over Italy (21 in the Basic Chemicals Department and 35 in the Plastics Department), for a total About 1900 students And 550 teachers.

The awards ceremony was attended by A More than 500 winners, aged between 6 and 14, from 16 schools across Italyfrom the provinces of Catania, Como, Cremona, Bari, Barletta-Andrea-Trani, Fermo, Genoa, Latina, Milan, Naples, Padua, Rovigo, Salerno and Turin, accompanied by teachers and parents.

And with the awards he received Winners will receive educational materials For use within their schools.

students 3A of IC Pliny the Elder of Cisterna I participated in the competition in A section dedicated to basic chemistry For middle school, win First prize with work on sulfurAn essential element in basic chemistry.

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Students created a “Instagram profile” Picture of sulfurThus combining basic chemistry in a smart and innovative way with a world that young people know well and know even more, which is the world of social networks.

The goal of the project was to create a real The “social profile” of sulfur, where the item is narrated by directly addressing the audience, interacting with the profile of the school and its students. In each post, sulfur tells something about itself, thus making its origin, history, properties and curiosities known. Original work Those related to “social” sulfur created by Cisterna’s students who The jury really appreciated that And who was rewarded for this First prize From the section dedicated to basic chemistry for middle schools.

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