Events on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November

Events on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November

The first weekend of November, the weather will not be the best and rain is expected on Saturday and Sunday, but Rome does not stop even in the face of bad weather and offers a weekend full of events to suit all tastes and all ages.

Next weekend will be a watershed weekend: on the one hand, there are the last events of Halloween that continue until Sunday, and on the other hand, there are already the first decorations and events of Christmas, still far away, but in the end, not so much . Then space for markets, street food and theatrical performances for a weekend full of culture, fun and flair.

Here are 10 events proposed by RomaToday for Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November:

Free museums

Return to the museum for free on Sunday. On November 5, the first Sunday of the month, as usual, in the capital, you will be able to visit the spaces of the museum system of the capital of Rome and some of the archaeological areas of the city for free. Among them are the sacred area of ​​Largo Argentina, the archaeological area of ​​the Circus Maximus and the Imperial Forums. The state museums of Rome and its district are also open for free: Castel Sant’Angelo, Museo Etresco di Villa Giulia, Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este, to name a few, because the list is really long. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Escher Gallery

An exhibition dedicated entirely to Escher arrived in the city on October 31. It is located in Palazzo Bonaparte and obviously can also be visited this weekend. The exhibition is designed to be an exceptional event that presents to the public, in addition to its most famous masterpieces, many unpublished works that have never been shown before. A selection of nearly 300 works includes the famous Hand with a Reflecting Field (1935), The Bond of the Union (1956), The Second Metamorphosis (1939), Night and Day (1938), the famous Emblemata series, and many others. Moreover, in order to beautify the course of the exhibition, there is also a reconstruction of the studio that Escher had in Baarn in the Netherlands, which is presented here in Rome inside the various original tools with which the master produced his works and the portable easel that Escher himself made and took with him on his wanderings through Italy. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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Finocello, ancient kilo festival in Rome

Vinokilo returns to Rome with the “Vintage Kilo Festival”: from 2 to 5 November, a real kilo shopping session, catchy musical hits, delicious cuisine, give-back bars and a breathtaking array of activities. A unique collection of vintage and used clothing from all over the world, constantly updated to be the first choice in terms of style and appeal. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

From Tutankhamun to Cleopatra

From Tutankhamun to Cleopatra, the exhibition on ancient Egypt arrives in Rome from Saturday, November 4, at The Wow Side shopping center in Fiumicino. The Eternal City opens its doors to a Pharaonic experience. From Tutankhamun to Cleopatra it will be a fascinating journey through ancient Egypt’s best kept secrets. In addition to the treasures of the Pharaohs, the exhibition will take you on an amazing journey through time to discover what daily life was like for the ancient Egyptians. To know how they lived and what their beliefs, customs and customs were. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Festival of Light

In the heart of Italian autumn, an ancient Hindu festival prepares to color the cities with bright lights and a mystical atmosphere. Diwali 2023, known as the Festival of Light, is ready to light up the streets of Italy with its traditional lamps, bringing with it a magical atmosphere and a deep connection to spirituality. This year, the event will start on November 5 in Rome, in the Hall Massimo, with the “Festa della Luce”. An entire day dedicated to Indian music, dance, art and culture, organized by the Italian Hindu Federation, will present a series of engaging events spanning across the country in November. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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Halloween night revenge

Who said that Witches’ Night is only October 31st? This is certainly not the case at Cinecittà World where the party continues until Sunday 4 November. The park will be open from 11 a.m. and includes 40 attractions, 6 shows and special content until late at night. A spooky atmosphere in quintessential American style with 13 spooky attractions and “Halloween Wonderland”, a program of events in the park throughout the evening. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Millennium Circus

Another weekend with the Millennium Circus returns to Capanelli with a new show called “Mundial”. With Shop Today, you can buy tickets at an affordable price. Mondial is a gathering of artists from all over the world for two hours of amazing show. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Hippie market

The hippie market begins with soap bubbles, live music and circus performances. Artisans, jugglers, musicians, circus performers and soap bubbles: Apia Joy Park returns as a natural stage for a hippie market. Handicrafts, rare plants and flowers. A large variety of exclusive creations including artisan, fashion, floral, jewellery, furnishings, bags, gypsy clothing and boho chic, home decor, vintage glasses, illustrations, creative upcycling, natural organic cosmetics, soaps, air fresheners and candles. Inside the Hippie Market there will also be Foodstock, a street food festival, with plenty of food trucks to sample the best Italian and international street food. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

Kebab and Abruzzo Food Festival

From 3 to 5 November, the Arosticino and Abruzzo Cuisine Festival takes place at the Città dell’Altra Economia in Testaccio. From the peasant and pastoral roots of its tradition, Abruzzo cuisine arrives in Rome in celebration of the discovery of the flavors and aromas of the region that has become the Queen of Kebabs throughout Italy. The event has free admission. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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Ooops! Greek festival

Aoba will be there on Sunday, November 5th at Snowdo Mandironi! Greek festival. A full day dedicated to the cultural and gastronomic traditions of Greece. Authentic cuisine, live entertainment, and authentic Greek dancing make it feel like summer never went away. You will be able to taste traditional Greek food by Spyros Greek Cantina, there will be free workshops in ancient Greek and modern Greek for adults, teenagers and children, there will be workshops for the little ones, shows for everyone, dances and much more. [TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI]

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