Alba Baretti confirms the new report: “The delicate situation”

Alba Baretti confirms the new report: “The delicate situation”

She was spotted several times by paparazzi at a confectionery company, but until this moment the official report has not arrived. right Now Alba Baretti She talks for the first time about her relationship with her new partner, a love that only blossomed for some time and was confirmed by the showgirl herself after the numerous snapshots of the two of them happily together.

Alba Baretti, confirming the story with Fabio Adami

Although he always tried to keep his private life a secret, Alba Baretti He can’t hide anymore His love story with Fabio Adamithe 55-year-old Romanian manager at Poste Italiane who stole his heart.

guest show girl Italian stories On Rai 1, she spoke for the first time about her new partner: following through on questions from Eleonora Daniele and Simona Izzo in the studio, Baretti had to admit that she found a smile once again next to a special man.

If you ask me if there is anything beautiful in my life I will tell you, yes, take a riskAlba Baretti said, confirming their reported desire to enter her into a new relationship. However, the showgirl immediately suppressed all enthusiasm, nipped every question and curiosity related to her new love affair in the bud. “If you ask me to talk about it, I’d rather Not to talk about him, for many years I preferred to talk about my own personality, especially if it was important, keep private. My partner has a job and has a special personal case regarding children and personal matters You must be faced with a big appetite. It’s right to know my business, but from there interviewing and detailing doesn’t seem right to me.”

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Alba Baretti is in love again, photos with Fabio

Until today, Alba Baretti has not allowed herself to go into any statement about her private life. The showgirl is always jealous of her privacy, and she’s always tried to keep some reservations about her privacy emotional events. But in recent weeks she has been seen more than once in the company of a tall, dark and charming man, Away from the world of TV and gossip.

This is Fabio Adami, the Romanian manager that Alba was going to meet during an evening with friends. On that occasion, love could have happened at first sight. The two were paparazzi in situations that left little room for doubt, including tender hugs, commiserating looks and sweet glare in the sunlight.

For a long time, Baretti declared herself a bachelor: her last significant story dates back to 2010, when she was engaged to Cristiano de Andre, a relationship that ended after four years of love. For many years there is no man He managed to pierce his heart, but the Roman businessman seems to have overcome all his resistance: this time it seems that things have turned out differently than in recent years and that the relationship has been going on for some time. In fact, things with Adami seem to be going so well that they also made official offers with them Francesco ObigniShowgirl’s son.

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