“It’s real bullying towards him.”

“It’s real bullying towards him.”

former competitor of Vip 6 older brother Talk about the behavior of the current tenants of the Cinecittà loft towards Nikita Pelizon.

We are talking about Biagio Danieli who, in the last ring of his form”Good things gossip“condemned”fibonifollower Gf VIP 7with the influential defense of Trieste.

Today I want to expose a little bit of gossip but I also want to put my face in it, as always, to defend a girl who is being unjustly attacked at home. Which is unfairly discredited,” the columnist began Barbara D’Urso. “I hope – he added – That the elder brother, brilliantly as always, stands up for this girl, but above all let her see everything that happens behind her back, which, in my opinion, she does not know most things“.

Daniele Then he explained:

Let’s go in order: Nikita Pelizon. there who throw salt, some mutilate it, some say it needs to be engaged to play, some say it goes from one man to another, some say it’s fake. For my part, continue realityEverything the competitors say is false. But, unfortunately, some people need to be “shared” and “bullyed”. Because this, in my opinion, is real bullying because if one is having problems or if things are not right, it is very good to take the person directly involved aside and say what one feels. Not to make a ‘join-up’ with five, six or seven people without the knowledge of the person directly involved and discredit even telling lies and flaunting them.

The previous face of Big Brother 11 Then reveal details about Madi Wilma Gwish:

I want to throw you a gossip gem: Wilma Gwish mentioned that Nikita Pelizon He says ‘Ah, I love that, I love thatSo she has no personality and need courting Because he has no artistic ambitions. Attention, I want to mention Ms Wilma Gwish That in 1966, when her brilliant career began, she became engaged to a certain person, unknown at that time, and now she is a great comedian and actress who represents comedy in Italy, Teo Tecoli. yes, Wilma Gwish Got Engaged to Teo Tecoli. the master Teo Tecoli She was in love, but magically got married after a year and a half Edward Vianello. Well, it passed Teo Tecoli to Edward Vianello To make the group sing.

Then conclude by keeping in mind:

So, isn’t this also a situation that should appear, if we compare it? This is my humble opinion. Anyway, I feel sorry for Mr Teo Tecoli If all this happens. Brackets closed. Nikita Pelizon. I hope that Big brother Show her all the devastation and all the crap they are planning behind her back. So that she at least makes up her mind and looks them in the face one by one to discredit them and distance herself from the fake friends and fake competitors who need to discredit her in order to show up.

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