Official farewell men and women: the shocking news of these hours

Official farewell men and women: the shocking news of these hours

Men and women, unfortunately, the official announcement that puts an end to it has arrived: it surprised viewers

For about a month, the new version of “men and women”Landlord Maria de Filippi. Tina Cipolari and Gianni Sperti cover the role of commentators, support De Filippi in all episodes of the show and give their word for the amorous intrigues that appear in front of the cameras.

Men and Women (web image)

Certainly, the audience is delighted by Tina who constantly attacks the Lady of the Throne, Gemma Galgani, who for years was one of the undisputed champions of the “men and women”. This year viewers have also seen the return of Ida and Ricardo, also from the throne of Over, who couldn’t find a compromise that would make them feel good together.

Instead, the classical harpsichordists, Federico, Federico, Lavinia and Federica seem to be appreciated by audiences who look affectionately at progress their way.

Men and women .. the estrangement arrives: the official announcement

Over the years, there have been many couples that have caught the attention of viewers, starting with newlyweds Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini, passing by Clarissa Marques, Federico Gregoci, Rosa Perotta and Pietro Tartaglioni, but also the latest Luca Salatino and Soria. , Andrea Nicole and the handsome Cyprien.

Cyprien and Andrea Nicholl (web image)

Just about the last two, the rumors about the end of their relationship were more pressing and a few days ago they were beautiful Andrea Nichollby many Instagram stories have been informed end of his relationship with Cyprian.

The girl wrote in detail: “I’m here with you. For some this might be a predictable disaster. For others maybe not, because it wasn’t mine. For the past few weeks I’ve been asked nonstop what’s going on. But at that moment I didn’t know it well either. At first because it wasn’t Something was specific and I didn’t know what to say. Thus, because depriving oneself of a harsh reality creates the illusion that it doesn’t exist or is less painful. Finally I shut myself up in my silence as I often do, turning away from everything and everyone to pick up what’s left of me. Asking for help from Those who have the skills to do so.”

Then he added: “I know it was a story born on a TV show and that’s why there was a desire to know what was going on, but the truth is I didn’t want to and couldn’t tell you things until a few days ago not even in my head they were clear. I am now, the only way to protect and protect myself It was just what I wish would never happen: the end of our story. I want to thank those who in this past period, without knowing anything for sure, were able to read my eyes and send me their affection. You are wonderful. I love you Andrei. “

Between the lines, there is a bit of bitterness to the end of their nearly year-long story, but fans of the couple will respect the moment after they have confirmation of the news.

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