“Europe should raise tariffs on Chinese cars”

“Europe should raise tariffs on Chinese cars”

heterogeneous state At the 2022 Paris Motor Show (over here alVolante private album) Carlos Tavares (left In the picture above Together with French President Emmanuel Macron) clearly stated his thoughts about Chinese car imports into EuropeQuite simply, we should ask the European Union to impose on Chinese manufacturers who export cars to Europe the same terms under which we, Western manufacturers, export to China. Stellantis CEO pointed out that Chinese brands should pay duties 10% for importing cars into the EU while European car manufacturers face 15%-25% duties for exporting cars made in Europe to China.

Willing to sell at a loss As for Tavares The predicament is twofoldwhere Chinese automakers can gain market share in Europe Sell their cars In confusion at the beginning of its expansion. The point is that “the European market is completely open to the Chinese and we don’t know if their strategy can be to gain market share at a loss and raise prices later.” A meeting between the French president and executives of French car manufacturers. At the end of the meeting, Carlos Tavares stated that “President Macron Agree but there has to be European front Broader than saying that the Chinese are welcome in Europe as long as they compete with us under the same rules. Renault CEO Luca de Meo highlighted how the challenge is played out even at the beginning of the supply chain:extraction and refining 80% in the hands of the Chinese. European industry must begin to restore it.”

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It’s a war on electricity The issue is particularly hot in the electric vehicle sector, with China Which not only produces a lot, but also has almost metal monopoly Essential for building motor magnets, batteries, and the electronic components that run everything. President Macron, in an interview with him Why Echoscalled to reform Incentives for electric cars In order to better protect European car manufacturers from non-European competition. Macron noted not only the tariff imbalance between Europe and China, but also US plans to provide tax credits to automakers that produce components for electric cars in the US. This plan raised the concern of both the European Union and South Korea (over here news) Macron emphasized that “Americans will buy American products They will offer highly aggressive government incentives. The Chinese are closing the market and therefore the European region, the most virtuous in terms of combating climate change, cannot be the only one that does not protect its production.”

Someone Rima against? Automote News Europe Doubtful: a possible plan for Increased tariffs on Chinese imports Could you find resistance from Germany? German automakers have deep roots in China and have large market shares. The tariff increase in China can be seen as a provocation, and it has already been noted that Chinese consumers have responded quickly, by boycotting foreign brands, to the measures being seen as attacks. Agency Transport and the environmentactive in the search for sustainable transport, offers a different view: In one of her studies, she said that Chinese brands are increasing their share in Europe also due to European manufacturers slow down production of electric cars. “European car manufacturers have scaled back their electric vehicle offerings just as Chinese and American competitors are introducing new models at a rapid pace,” said Julia Poliscanova, senior director of T&E.

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Will screwdriver factories come back? – T&E reports that Chinese brands currently account for 5% of the European electric vehicle market. Julia Poliskanova basically agrees with President Macron and Tavares when she concludes that “if Europe wants to maintain the competitiveness of its auto industry, it must introduce its own strong industrial policy that matches the massive support that the Chinese and Americans give to their electric car. Climate and jobs in The European continent is at stake. In fact, the arrival of Chinese brands is already underway: NIO has landed in Northern Europe with its best sedans and is experimenting with a battery swap (over here Find out more) While BYD recently revealed its European group (over here to know more). We will review the situation in the 1980s when Japanese manufacturers established, in response to European duties Screwdriver factories (mostly in England) Who are they mainly assembling components made in Japan?

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