Milan, KFC chimneys and Chinatown residents protest: “Because of the smell we can’t open the windows”

Milan, KFC chimneys and Chinatown residents protest: “Because of the smell we can’t open the windows”

to Fabrizio Guglielmini

Residents of Via Canonica in Milan protest against the great chimney of the restaurant: once the patio was defaced, the apartments lost their value. The plant was planned to be moved: “But it will only get worse”

A story developed behind the scenes Paolo Sarpi’s Food District. A complex bureaucratic and technical issue puts it at its center Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant at Via Paolo Sarpi 61 in Milanhousing units of the same number and those of Canonica 74. At the center of the controversy A huge chimney eighty centimeters high rises along the inner facade of a building from the 1930srests on special supports on the roof which, as the residents recall: «It creates problems after problems because the noise of kitchen motors added to the smell of oil and fried chicken effectively prevents you from opening the windows.”

Kentucky Fried Chicken opens its store in Sarpi In early August 2021 I immediately started uncomfortable: Emanuela Vinci says on behalf of the resident group Canonica Sarpi Ovest that a technical system with this effect makes the old Milanese courtyards real. the damagewhile issuing a file unbearable stench in the apartments, And thus preventing the residents from opening their windows.” This is the complaint of those who live in the area, and they also suffer Depreciation of surrounding homes due to “such a gaseous system”.

Now he looks forward Novelty: movement of the chimney to another point of the yard But this doesn’t seem to provide a solution. Technical changes perceived by the population Distrust: «Kentucky Fried Chicken has plans to The Confederation moved toward Via Sarpi, Forcing other housing units and even passers-by and merchants to deal with the stench emanating from the kitchens »- explains Yenshi.

arrives in the evening Kentucky replied that it “apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the citizens Ensures that the project has been implemented by following all norms in strength and he Available for meeting with the population.”

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