Euroleague, Alba Berlin – Olympia Armani Milan 81-76

Euroleague, Alba Berlin – Olympia Armani Milan 81-76

Messina’s team passed 81-76 by Alba and now it’s officially in trouble in Europe

58 seconds left: Shields tries to tie the triple, but the ball spits out with the iron. Thirty-five seconds on the clock: The Lammers attempt a similar shot, but this time the ball enters. The difference between winning and losing for Milan is all here. In Berlin, Olympia’s comeback was interrupted by the -17 in which she fell in the third quarter to that of Shields’ basket, and the other by the Lammers who handed the final 81-76 to Alba and Messina’s fourth consecutive defeat in Europe. . The step back is clear in regards to the champagne version of Milan, which after 9 games was at the top of the table having dominated Barcelona and Fenerbahce and now finds itself on edge. Injuries, especially on the long wing, are not a sufficient argument to explain this rebound.


Milan pays for its shortcomings. The problems are under the basket in the first place, as Alba dominates 41-26, hijacking 12 offensive rebounds. Long-time resident Mitoglou and Tarczewski, Messina, weren’t in credit isolation after contact with Positive: New addition Ben Bentel popped (8 points and 6 rebounds in 9′), but Millie was missing, slowed down by issues with fouls, and Ritchie, no Living up to Messina’s confidence, Malcolm Delaney, 12 points, slipped into the distance and Sergio Rodriguez, 8 points and 6 assists, was the engine of Olympia’s comeback in the third quarter but failed to make the difference. Milan also paid for the 11 hat-tricks awarded at Alba, with Marcus Ericsson unleashing and better than his counterpart (21 points, 5/8 from the arc). The defeat is difficult for Messina to digest, because Berlin is inferior to Olympia in the first part of the season and the coach has to work hard to find this team.

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the match

Berlin benefit from Milly’s return to the bench with two steps after 3 minutes and benefit from Koumadje’s physique for 19-10 at 2’58” from the first siren. Milan, however, is rearranging its thoughts and patiently building a comeback with Bentel’s energy, bypassing the second quarter at the just-starting 20-19. Olympia’s supremacy did not last long, always because of long-distance problems: Messina was stopped by Bentel for the second foul, and a minute later Milli was called up for the third. Delaney (11 points at rest) tries to keep Olympia afloat, but Eriksson’s offensive and triple rebounds (3/3 at 20 minutes) start Berlin at 43-34 in the first half. The hosts got hurt early in the second half, escaping with an Ericsson treble who unleashed at 62-45 at 4’24” from the sirens. Rodriguez and Milli try to rock Milan, but when the final quarter begins, Berlin is ahead 67-56. Olympia’s comeback has been postponed Only: in the middle of the period Messina’s side fell 71-70 after Delaney hit 2/3 from the goal line.Overtaking seems in hand, but Berlin stretches again and Milan can no longer get it back, failing with Shields at the start of the last minute, it was the opportunity Greedy for equality that could have changed the match.

Berlin: Ericsson 21, Le 12, Sekma 9
Milan: Delaney 12, Heinz 10, Shields 9

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