The activities of Science City, Far Future and Italy and China Week have been successfully concluded

Today, Friday 3 December, the two main events – Futuro Rimoto, the first European festival of scientific publishing, and Italy and China Week of Science, Technology and Innovation – that Citta della Senza dedicates each year to the main topics of their mission: dissemination of research to the public and scientific and technological cooperation end.

by more than 300,000 spectators online In China and 3 working days saw a contribution of approx 50 scientists And experts in the ability of research to contribute to the challenges of digital transformation with environmental transformation, the Italian-Chinese week closes the doors of its eleventh edition and re-signs three important new scientific cooperation agreements, organizing 44 new agreements. Partnership meetings, above all, a renewed impetus, expressed by Minister Maria Cristina Mesa and the Minister Wang Zhigang During the opening ceremony, to continue vigorously on the path of cooperation and internationalization to meet global challenges, from the state of health emergency to environmental protection, in a multidisciplinary approach and cooperation between researchers for the benefit of all citizens beyond all borders.

An event that confirms in the results achieved the fruitful cooperation that witnessed the signing in the past six years 90 agreements in various sectorsWith the participation of 8,400 delegates in the events, Over 600 individual meetings, 100 projects and joint laboratories, with the aim of strengthening national research and innovation systems, and favoring academic, scientific and technological exchange in common sectors of strategic and social importance.

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behind – on the other side 45 thousand spectators instead who participated, both online and in person, in 400 events of the 35th edition of the Futuro Remoto. 11 days of science meetings, discussions, and science cafes are once again showing that they have brought science and research closer to citizens.

A special 2021 edition, dedicated to the theme of transitions, which will continue with 4 fascinating exhibitions, which can still be visited in the presence of the Città della Scienza until January 2022: Space in Time_ Celestial Maps from paper to bit, an exhibition curated by the National Institute of Astrophysics_INAF, which rebuilds The concept of celestial map and planetary mapping has evolved, and accompanies the visitor to the amazing results achieved by missions today; Once again the exhibition Colors of Prosperity: Fruits of the Old and New World, curated by Villa Farnesina and Accademia dei Lensi, University of Naples “Federico II”, University of Naples “Sur Ursula Benincasa”, Institute for Conservation and Promotion of Culture Heritage_CNR-ICVBC A journey back, through an interactive system, to the unusual plant biodiversity that can be observed in the plant wreath, designed and painted by Raphael and painted by Giovanni da Udine in the Loggia of Cupid and Psyche for the residence of the Transeptine-style Agostino Chigi; Exhibition HEMP TRANSITION Hemp A crop of past and future that tells the infinite qualities and opportunities for use of industrial hemp species L. Industrial hemp, with a special focus on the effects of plant purification to rejuvenate contaminated soil, by Citta della Senza, of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Department of Architecture industrial design; Federico II University – Department of Biology; by Creactivitas; With the Assocanapa Association. Cassander Association; Association “Re Midas”; Association “Legambiente” and finally Italy: Art of Science, an exhibition path consisting of the stories of women and men of science, from past to present, representing the Italian vision of culture, curated by Città della Scienza; Giorgio Strano, Curator of the Galileo Museum’s Collections; Marco Guardo, Director of the Library of the National Academy of Linse and Corsiniana; Silvana Badaloni, Senior Researcher at the Elena Cornaro Studioum Batavinum University Center, University of Padova; Lucia Martinelli, PhD scientist at MUSE Science.

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“The success of feedback and sharing The distant future and Italy and China week The Department of Science, Technology and Innovation assures that the issues of dissemination of science to the general public and international cooperation in research and innovation, which are long and reliable tracks of our business, look in the right direction and respond to the real information needs of citizens and technological innovation of the whole society “ Ricardo Villari, President of the City of Science.

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