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There is a new one Malware Capable of jailbreaking most antivirus software on the market. Marco Camisani CalzulariReporter Crawl to the news aIt warns that it arrives via email and steals our passwords, possibly asking us for a ransom to get them back. We can still reach you Bank account. The only way we should defend ourselves is to have an antivirus and above all our heads: we should never click on suspicious emails and links.

But it doesn’t stop there. We are all overwhelmed with cables and wires but technology Walt Disney You create wireless charging that will make a world without wires possible.

Several Italian companies have been hacked and the data received can also be used to make wire transfers. So again you have to keep your eyes open.

In a recent report, Kamesani Kalzolari talked about the fact that it is often better to buy a new device, tablet, laptop or smartphone than to repair a damaged old one, even if only for one part. “But now something is finally changing, also thanks to those who decided to make their voices heard. Once everything is fixed. If the screen breaks, it is very difficult to fix it today, the estimate to fix it is almost equivalent to buying a new one. And in a smartphone, the screen breaks, if you try to fix it Outside of official channels, “response” functions such as facial recognition often stop. This is because some parts have a unique serial number associated with each individual piece.”

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