Euphória selects the first finalist in a night full of duets and lots of love

Euphória selects the first finalist in a night full of duets and lots of love

Third edition oftrance He had it before First finalist. Tonight’s ceremony kicks off the final stage of the show, with only five contestants remaining. He was a great protagonist JulianWhich viewers sent straight to the grand final with 25% of the vote. On the other side of the coin there is Frederick, who loses the second vote and goes home when he sees the prize already in hand. The re-hunter had recently joined, and unfortunately, he had to relive the experience of being expelled.

TV3 He delighted television viewers with a good first semi-final. On this occasion, they expanded the broadcast with something new: The first duo of this edition. In addition to the individual performances, they divided the contestants into pairs and performed three joint songs that they really liked.

Love triumphs in Louis and Misty’s duet

As many suspected, the organization benefited from the love story that arose between them Louis that day hazy And they made them sing together. They have chosen them hollowIt is a very delicate and beautiful song that puts them in the position of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The performance was beautiful and accompanied, as was when she explained that singing with her “was a gift.” a fan.

Expectations were very high and we were expecting to see magic and fire in this duo. They were holding hands, but they missed the looks full of love and intensity. There was no kiss and not as much chemistry as expected. The jury regretted that they had squandered this opportunity a little: “You should have been more careful. “There are things you do not need to see, but you need to hear them,” he recommended.Alfred Garcia.

Loving Louis and Misty, the semi-final championstrance | TV3
The couple held hands for most of the show - TV3
The pair were holding hands for most of the TV3 performance

The other duet of the night starred the other two girls, No Valeria that day Maria. And they, for their part, sang No more tears (Enough is enough) Written by Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand. Their sounds are very different, but they managed to merge them and the set came out better than expected. However, there was one clear one winner It was Maria, without a doubt.

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Finally, in Julian i al Frederick They have been listened to Don’t let the sun go down on me By Elton John and George Michael. They both showed a good record and the rating they gave was a 10. They blended their voices very well and the Swede shined with an intense performance that showed a completely different side of him. Julian has shown, once again, that he has huge potential and it showed in the votes when he was chosen as the favourite. From the jury, Carol Rovira He stressed that this is “one of the best performances in history.”trance“. Truly amazing and top notch.

Julian and Frederic star in the best duo of Euphoria - TV3
Julian and Frederic star in the best duotrance | TV3

Public votes save Julian and Maria

Lines opened up as they all took to the stage to champion their individual causes as well. The audience votes were very close this time, but it showed once again what was already questionable: Julian that day Maria They are still favorites. Both are saved and go straight to the second semi-final.

Of course, the best news was taken by the first because, in addition, he became the first of the finalists and next week he will act without fear of nomination. But it was not a surprise, as everyone assumed that this position would be his without a doubt.

His performance was one of the best, such as it is. Julian succeeded in the duo, and in addition, He dared to rap as a soloist. This allowed him to show face slaughterer Completely fresh and the result was satisfying, even if a bit stifled by the demanding choreography. Mariah also impressed the show’s followers due to her performance show must go on freddie mercury, His life anthem. The skin has been left and this has been evaluated favorably from home.

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Julian is excited to know he will make it to the grand final - TV3
Julian is excited to know he will reach the grand final | TV3
Maria received good reviews from the jury - TV3
Maria received good reviews from the TV3 jury

In the danger zone, some of the most famous contestantstrance

The remaining four contestants had to deal with the nerves of the typical danger zone. At this stage of the edition, they all enjoy huge popular support and it is difficult to determine who deserves to continue and who does not. the Trainershe Musical VAR The jury evaluated what was seen tonight and decided to save the film Louis that day hazy.

The former didn’t have a theme to show off vocally, but it got into the energy of the song. Her partner surprised her with a very funny performance that showed her dressed as a nun and lying on top of the jury table. A lot happened on stage, but he was able to deliver some melodic shifts that demonstrate the significant vocal growth he has achieved throughout the program.

Misty's performance was very interesting - TV3
Misty’s performance was so much fun | TV3

Thus, those who bet on staying in the program ended up being… Frederick that day Valeria. They did everything they could, but someone had to eliminate the competition. The lines opened again, and as mentioned earlier, the main victim tonight was Frederick. In your case, the march has been removed fromtrance With only 39% of the vote after explaining a topic he once again risked a lie he didn’t like even if he wanted it to be his personal brand.

In front was Valeriawho experienced true catharsis with Lobo Written by Elena Gadel, a subject that perfectly describes the cycle of male violence: “You manage to capture the image in a way that is both cruel and beautiful at the same time.” I think many users on Twitter saw some favoritism in the selection.

Valeria's interpretation gave me goosebumps - TV3
TV3 Valeria’s explanation gave me goosebumps
Valeria, saved in the extreme - TV3
La Valeria was saved On the edge | TV3

The second semi-final will arrive next week, where the list of contestants who will compete for the final prize will be finalized. Oddly enough, one of the great moments would be heroes Marta Turney And the Jordi Copino. The presenter and music director have been sending insults to each other throughout the edition and will conclude the reconciliation with a live duet that could make a lot of talking happen.

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