Michelle Hunziker the Atomic Bomb on Intimacy with Eros Ramazzotti: “I Did It All”

Michelle Hunziker the Atomic Bomb on Intimacy with Eros Ramazzotti: “I Did It All”
Michelle Hunziker – Lenadereta 24

New details after a long time about the married life of Michelle and Eros. What comes out is awful

the story between Michelle Hunziker And the Eros Ramazzotti She made us dream about the time when, still unknown and very young, she married one of the most famous singers in Italy. 14 years between them. It is 1995 when their love began, and it culminates the following year after giving birth Aurora And sealed in marriage in 1998.

Many remember that famous clip the best thing It’s just a wonderful devotion of love to his very young girlfriend eros, which also appears in the video. However, unfortunately, not all fairy tales have a happy ending and after 7 years of love, the two broke up in 2002 and divorced in 2009.

Michelle and Eros: New Love

Both of them got married later. Michelle With Tommaso Trussardi, In 2014 after 3 years of engagement. From this marriage, which ended this year, I was born Heavenly And the Sun. Also Eros Not so lucky in 2009 knows Marica Pellegrinelli He married her in 2014, and they had two children Rafaela Maria And the Gabriel TulioBut in 2019 they divorced.

However, first love is never forgotten and many are still asking about it today Michelle from his first marriage. Perhaps not everyone will remember that Switzerland was poor at that time cult victim who robbed her and distanced her from her dearest feelings, as she did not have the courage to admit it until later in her book. A seemingly perfect life.

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tale Michelle In those five dark years he was impressive, and later he came back to the topic in some interviews where he said: The sect filtered the callskisa: My mom has always been disapproving. I had to deal with my guilt. I was working a lot at the time, had my phone on hand, and when I got the messages, they deleted them. My mother shocked me, thinking of the pain of a mother who had not seen her daughter for so many years. He tried to go backstage to say hello But they kicked her out. am i going to die They convinced me of that If I leave the sect, I will die. They blackmailed me: they told me that I would die in my sleep at night.

Michele and Eros Linderetta 24

Details about life with Eros

What is remarkable about it is that it is precisely because of this settingMichelle and Eros break up. He explains: Clelia, Holy Lady, captivated you for her beauty and purity, always fragrant with a maddening smile. But his demands more urgent. especially about purity; Indeed, followers must respect the hygiene rule not only through personal hygiene but also by avoiding intimate relationships and staying away from people with negative energies: “I have done everythingI subjected myself to everything thinking I was a better person, but in fact, I was depriving myself of everything.”

The reason for divorce. In practice from 23 to 27 years old Michelle does not have any intimate relationships, Abstinence that inevitably affects marriage: “They told me that My husband was negative to meBut I loved him very much. This duplicity killed me. Meanwhile I was doing zellige and so I had to laugh on stage. When Eros gave me the choice of “I or They” I chose them. It all happened there.”

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