And at the end of the year, the hall

And at the end of the year, the hall

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home is synonymous with enjoying classical music Hall. As usual, on Saturday, December 30 at 7:00 pm Barcelona Municipal Band (BMB) will perform under the supervision of the Catalan composer Salvador Brutons The concert will consist of two distinct parts. On the one hand, the first part of the concert will consist of modern repertoire: great names in European music from less than a century ago. On the other hand, the second part will fill the Pau Casals room with essential – and indeed traditional – Viennese melodies and rhythms for this time of year.

Salvador Protons © MyZirkus

The party will start off perfectly Rejoice! (2002) by the Belgian composer Jan van der Roost. The short piece begins with a lively fanfare alternating with an expressive lyrical theme, which finally gives way to a new atmosphere of sparkling allegro with a wonderful voice. In the classic ABA model, the piece returns to the opening theme to conclude the music. Rust’s compositions number over 350 pieces, with a wide range of genres and styles, many of which have been performed around the world, as BMB will now do in Barcelona.

Next, the band will delve into the world of the French language Anthony Girard, a composer inspired by mysticism, poetry, nature and human feelings – such as tenderness or sarcasm. Following these criteria, Gerard creates his piece for the band Gaia He dedicates it to the ancient Greek goddess of fertility. The work was written in 2006, after Rejoice!which is also full of musical contrasts: it begins with moments of intimacy and remembrance, but then explodes with a strange triumphal march.

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To end this first part, the musicians will perform The ballet suite is coming Of the famous Aram Khatksaturian. The ballet was composed to the libretto of Konstantin DershavinWhich follows the story of a young Armenian woman with patriotic convictions who clashes with her husband when she discovers that she has been betrayed by him. However, the romantic plot is overshadowed by patriotism, which has particular importance throughout the plot. The year after the ballet premiered in Russia, Khachaturian put together his orchestral suites, which were very successful and some parts were used in film scores, e.g. 2001: A space journey.

Johann Strauss (Jr.) conducts the waltz. Wood engraving, published in 1885.

Change the entire register, composer Franz von Sobie The second part of the New Year’s concert will be presented with the opening Morning, afternoon and evening in Vienna. In this way, we will be in Vienna in the second half of the nineteenth century, with traditional waltzes almost obligatory at a concert welcoming the New Year. During his lifetime, Soupé revitalized the musical life of the Austrian capital, along with Strauss’s band, perhaps the most famous when it comes to Viennese waltzes and melodies.

Actually, specifically Johann Strauss (Son) will become relevant in this party. Although he is mostly known for waltzing On the beautiful blue Danube -It has become the second Austrian anthem-, and on this occasion, the BMB will close the evening with a waltz Spring soundsthe Fast dance And the Emperor Coupon. Through these three pieces, a sampling of the more than 500 waltzes, polkas and other types of dance music he composed that crowned him the title of “King of the Waltz” is presented.

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