Zarzuela prepared a statement declaring the end of Felipe VI's cohabitation with Letizia

Zarzuela prepared a statement declaring the end of Felipe VI's cohabitation with Letizia

The media scrutinizes the gestures Felipe I cheerful At every public appearance he has made for several months there has been talk of a bad relationship between the Kings, something that could come from afar, although it is Jaime del Burgo's statements that mean they can no longer hide. The lawyer would have revealed the true secret of the royal house. According to him, the Queen has been unfaithful to the King and him for several years. The alleged infidelity was discovered in 2013, when they went through their big crisis, from which they were about to announce their divorce, which in the end did not happen because it would be very bad for some kings. However, according to close sources, they could have chosen to stop cohabiting, similar to Juan Carlos I and Sofía. It is the most viable option. Together at corporate events, but apart in everyday life. In fact, in recent months, they have only been seen sharing a shot together once, at the cinema and upon request operetta.

Felipe Leticia Zarzuela

Felipe and Letizia, the cessation of cohabitation imminent, live separate lives

Already in 2013, Zarzuela prepared a statement announcing the end of the cohabitation of Felipe and Letizia, the media wrote the news, but in the end it did not arrive. The Nus affair with Iñaki Urdangarin succeeded in obscuring the marital crisis of the kings. These documents will be kept in a safe place and can be brought to light This is 2024, or next 2025. Pilar Air believes they can announce their divorce when Infanta Sofía reaches adulthood, as Inaki Urdanjarin and Infanta Cristina did.

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Photo by Felipe Leticia EP

“Looking at their situations, I think this marriage is taking a huge loss because the complicity and the looks that were devoted in the beginning are no longer there. Maybe it was also a story before, now I think about it…but it’s the one that Now they don't even make the effort to pretend that they have a good relationship.” “I think this marriage no longer exists as such. “Now we will see if they follow the example of Juan Carlos and Sofía and continue together even though they are not married or if they choose to say so and live separate lives because they are still young and we are in the 21st century,” says Pilar Aire, very sure of his words.

Felipe and Letizia decided to separate a long time ago. Now that none of their daughters have returned home, the Kings are bored together. Every weekend, if there is no corporate commitment on the agenda, they run away with their friends. On May 22, they will have to pretend to love each other a lot to celebrate two decades of love.

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