Redessa will provide an initial consultation to find innovative business tools for DiaryTots21

Redessa will provide an initial consultation to find innovative business tools for DiaryTots21

Poster on June 5th. Photo: Sedida

redis The initial market consultation, which will be used to identify companies interested in solving the “Smart Reference System for Identifying and Evaluating New and Innovative Entrepreneurial Projects” challenge, will be announced on a day that will be held next June 5, at 12:12:30 p.m., a Ferrari eventswhich can also be followed flow.

The conference targets companies interested in providing solutions to the challenge at hand, which is developing an intelligent system to identify and evaluate entrepreneurship projects that reach… redis, the municipal corporation that works with companies, entrepreneurs, startups and spin-offs to help them grow their projects. This tool should be used to detect and select the newest and most innovative projects, through the use of artificial intelligence.

Using the information obtained through the initial market consultation, one or more Public Innovation Procurement (CPI) processes will be initiated, which is a management procurement procedure through which the public purchaser (in this case redis), can bid for a product or service that does not yet exist on the market and needs further research and development.

As the advisor explained Economic promotion, innovation and knowledge And CEO of the company redis, Josep Bagues“, “L redis It is important to be able to promote such measures because they encourage innovation in the business sector in which their activity is concentrated, as well as in the administration itself, which strengthens new contracting systems in the municipal field.”

Details of the tool required and the challenge at hand

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The tool that redis The proposal must be able to evaluate the level of novelty and innovation of entrepreneurial projects that require different types of support from the municipal corporation, by conducting a comprehensive and spontaneous search and comparison of their main points, in relation to other existing and already consolidated projects.

In addition, the system must be able, through the use of technologies such as generative artificial intelligence, to fully assess and forecast the business model of the entrepreneurial initiative (products or services, internal processes, market strategies, revenue and cost structure, etc. . Their chances of success, with recommendations for improving initial methods.

You can watch on June 5 in person or via live stream and pre-registration. Program and registration in:

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