Absent in the death of our daughter also his wife’s fault

Absent in the death of our daughter also his wife’s fault

Big Brother VIP 2021/2022

During the November 3 episode of Big Brother Vip, Wilma Goich spoke about ex-husband Edoardo Vianello, his current wife Frida, and the tragic loss of his daughter Susanna: “I had to tell him alone that she died, he didn’t move out of the house. Frida has a bit of blame too.”

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Big Brother VIP 2021/2022

Wilma Jewish He tells a page from his private life during the November 3 episode of Big Brother VIP. The singer allowed herself to go back to the memories, and talked about the relationship withEx-husband Eduardo VianelloA companion in life, in the artistic side, and in the present Frida’s wife.

Unpublished story by Wilma Guish

Wilma Guish spoke for the first time about her ex-husband, Eduardo Vianello, about the painful The loss of their daughter SusannaWhich happened two years ago, and his current wife Frida, who first arrived at the household as a cleaning lady and became his partner a year later. “Eduardo was not very present Because he was so busy with the new family, there was probably also some kind of jealousy on the part of the new partner.”competitor said.

The ex-husband wasn’t even there at that time Daughter’s death In the past, she was hospitalized in a clinic. Wilma Guish thinks much of the blame for the absence lies with him, but his wife Frida is also a part of it:

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It’s been two and a half years since my daughter left, and he has never come to the clinic because Frida said she would have Covid. I had to tell him myself that Susanna was gone, I called him at three in the morning, he didn’t move from the house, I don’t know why. She had to be the one to say go. If she doesn’t do it a bit wrong then she is, but mostly because of her because she had to say ‘I don’t care and I’m going to my daughter’. It was her father.

Long live the words of Wilma Goish

Alfonso Signorini called Wilma Guiche in the LED room to talk about what he was saying these days in confession about his ex-husband Eduardo Vianello and the death of his daughter Susanna. “I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about this because it’s ugly and sadThe challenger began. Then he added:I’m not burdened yet because I miss the ‘why’. I’m sorry we haven’t clarified yet.”. Meanwhile in the studio Sonia Bruganelli broke down in tears Alfonso Signorini asked her why she was moved by his words: “My biggest fear is that the children have to suffer, it’s horrible.”

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