Eugenia is preferred, she does not suffer from it

It seems that the poetess between Meghan Markle and Harry You start screaming and there’s already talk of a possibility divorce. The fact that the prince showed himself alone, without a wife, or rather with her company, caused a lot of discussion Princess Eugenie of York, in the Super Bowl. Why did Megan miss such an important media event? Why didn’t the Sussex family take advantage of her public image, because she shines every time he appears together?

Meghan and Harry are in trouble

The first answer given to these questions is that Harry and Meghan Markle At odds, he reconnects with his family through one of the few friends he has left, His cousin is Eugenie York. In fact, the Princess was very exposed by coming to Harry’s rescue and showing herself with him, to prove that she supports him and is ready to help him.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that rumors of a crisis between the spouses have surfaced. Even shortly after Megxit rumors spread about a Secession plan, as supported by the Queen, which would have allowed the prince to return to London and return him to the monarchy without leaving “stains” on his resume. and recently Thomas Markle is back on topic.

Megan refuses to return to London

Regarding the possibility of the Sussex family returning to Great Britain for the 70th jubilee of Elizabeth’s reign, Meghan appears to have imposed veto. according to what daily MailMrs. Markle has no intention of setting foot in London for anything in the world. Moreover, she did not accompany her husband Not even at the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip. Last April, she was able to apologize for her pregnancy with Lilibet, whom the Queen has never met, but now what else can she invent?

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Therefore, even this fact will be a reason for disagreement between spouses. Always according to what the real experts say, Meghan Markle reports He has no intention of returning In the UK she doesn’t care how they look at her in England, because winning over the British public would be a lost cause. His intention, according to what we read daily Mail, is conquering the American political scene. But if that’s really his intentions, why not appear with Harry at an event as dear to the United States as the Super Bowl? Why did she let him go with her cousin, forging a strong relationship with the royal family?

Harry prefers Eugenia over Megan

The only explanation insiders have found is that things between her and Harry aren’t going as they should. Perhaps knowing the existence of “Eugenia” He wanted to avoid meeting her at all costseven on such an informal occasion, send a clear message to the royal family, that the water is under the bridge for her, and that she cannot bear the thought of returning, even for a short time, to the life she once had with her husband Harry.

While the fact that Harry wanted to meet his cousin could mean the prince misses his former presence as he had a very specific role, even if he’s in the background of William and Kate. What is his goal now if not to earn millions to support his family? Harry may have really preferred his cousin the Princess over his wife, Meghan. On the other hand, it was Eugenia who arranged the meeting between him and Markle.

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