Leo and Sagittarius have their say

Leo and Sagittarius have their say

Today’s horoscope, Tuesday, December 13th, and star predictions for love, work, and luck for all zodiac signs. Today is Saint Lucia, and it’s not the shortest day ever. We know now. But it may be a day when we lose control of the energies.

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Today’s horoscope, Tuesday, December 13, 2022, and predict predictions for love, work, and luck. The Moon and the Sun are in two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius.

This is why euphoria can take over, even the harshness of Venus and Mercury in Capricorn.

With today’s Moon in the sign of Leo, the Lucky zodiac sign He is Leo himself, while Unfortunate sign of the day It will be Taurus.


The news you hear on the news has the same appeal as the chemistry lesson, when the professor explained the formula for sodium chloride in high school, incredibly boring, now that you have Mercury against you. I’m sure, however, that you listened carefully when I heard that the French government decided to distribute free condoms to everyone under the age of twenty-five. As soon as it comes to pelvic motion, Mars is right on your side.

Today's horoscope for Aries

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Aries

the loveYou are a real master when it comes to pure emotion.
a job: Leave technology alone and go back to using analog systems, such as a simple voice call. health: depends entirely on the physical resistance of the Olympic athlete.
Tip of the Day: Listen to the latest hits from the X Factor to stay up to date on the music business.
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You may experience some minor emotional discomfort because of the crooked moon. And few misunderstandings or a lot of words dampen the post-Immaculate Conception holiday enthusiasm, which enjoyed eating slices of panettone while decorating the tree. These are risks you can easily take now that Venus has returned to shine, just as it has with the couple of the moment, Totti Pucci, who, despite some public debate, is drinking a happy toast in the new penthouse already furnished and decorated for the upcoming holidays.

Taurus today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Taurus

the love: Unleash all your skills as a true hobbyist.
a jobDiscussions, such as messy pre-Christmas shopping, should be avoided.
health: you can carry very well even the extra kilos that have accumulated in this period.
Tip of the Day: Buy a sequin fringed dress that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve.
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You’re back to being the funny clowns we all adore now that Mercury and Venus are no longer in opposition. In particular, you’ll be so cheerful today thanks to the Moon, that you’ll want to add a centerpiece to your nativity scene. It is the Catalan statuette of “Caganer”, a small man depicted in the “Morning Thinker” pose who seems to bring good luck and prosperity. Some curiosity that you just can’t resist.

Gemini today

Today’s horoscope Gemini

the love: You are all the fire of emotions.
a jobBeing right gives more satisfaction than winning the lottery.
health: So ready to meet the first pre-Christmas dinner.
Tip of the Day: Since the holidays are now ten days away, book your esthetician and hairstylist now for the perfect pomade and pomade.
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If you think you’re the only one who didn’t fully understand why Koreans will be younger by 2023 and you blame Mercury’s opposition, rest assured you’re in great company. There seem to be three ways in this country of recording the age of the population, one of which is already considered one year at the time of a child’s birth to the time spent in the mother’s womb. Some issues that I assure can confuse anyone.

Cancer horoscope today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Cancer

the loveYou can’t get enough hugs and kisses.
a job: Calculate how many days are left until the start of the vacation, your mood will change instantly.
healthComplaints are trickling in like snow these days.
Tip of the Day: Plan a shopping trip to the markets of Strasbourg to breathe in the true spirit of Christmas.
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Sometimes you need to take a break from the pedestal, even if you don’t really need it as Mars gives you energy to spare, and today with the Moon on your side it lights you up like the top of a Christmas tree. Take the opportunity to take a few moments to do some study and research. Catch some flashy cues from the brand-new Netflix series about the Sussexes, titled “Harry and Megan.” I assure you that you can even learn how to make your best profile stand out better.

Leo today

Today’s horoscope Leo

the loveRolling in blankets is like a sport for you.
a jobYou have the power to turn any omelette in your favour.
health: In the morning you always have a cup of coffee with at least two teaspoons of self-esteem.
Tip of the Day: For Christmas, choose “Astrodons” based on your loved one’s zodiac signs.
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Careers are all for you with Mercury making your superhuman mind go faster than the latest generation of computers. In fact, I think that you, like many Italians, will also choose to give recycled gifts at Christmas. Besides being a great wallet saver, it’s a great way to avoid a lot of waste. In fact, Venus suggests that this is a great way to be kinder to our planet, too.

Virgo today

Virgo today

the loveIt tastes like nougat covered in chocolate.
a job: Order and accuracy are the two words that were missed the most in the last period. TRUE?
health: Even if you work late at night, you are always great in the morning.
Tip of the Day: Learning to tie a tie, I assure you, is not for everyone.
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Weight scale

I know that the fact that Venus not only did not welcome you, but in fact turned on you, destroying your life imagination Enviable, makes you tense a lot. You should see Walt Disney’s short film “Reflection”, which tells the story of Bianca, a dancer who has completely departed from the classical aesthetic canons. Instead of appearing to stand still, let Mars drift away and pursue your passions with great enthusiasm.

Libra today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Libra

the love The kisses will be passionate, but you are not particularly generous.
a job Follow the famous strategy of listening and then maybe speaking.
healthRelaxed and loose fit, the sporty chic style is your new work outfit.
Tip of the Day: Watch new episodes of Striscia la Notizia with the legendary duo Greggio-Iacchetti guaranteed to laugh.
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The scorpion

Today with a Crooked Moon, you may feel like avoiding a good portion of social interactions. Indeed, see Ignazio La Russa’s proposal to reintroduce the petit naga, compulsory military service of only forty days, as a good escape solution. I know that deep down you are a bit like a Grinch, and that Christmas sometimes bothers you, but bet everything on the goodness of Venus, who will be able to include you even in those endless feasts with the whole family.

Scorpio today

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Scorpio

the love: you’re in a reflective pose.
a job: Put the out of office auto reply but only to avoid disturbance.
healthPrefer a long trek in the mountains with climbing hides alone over the crowds during their lunch break. Tip of the Day: Read Diabolik comics, a real cult that should always be in your library.
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You have a distinct feeling that you’ve lost your magical, erotic touch, because ever since Venus greeted you you feel completely forbidden to roll under the covers, also because of opposition to Mars. From a recent study, it appears that many Italians, like you, have a real decrease in desire due to the stresses and wear and tear of modern life. With the hustle and bustle of the past period, you can quietly allow yourself some relief.

the love: You prefer to solve crossword puzzles.
a jobKaito: I slipped into the role of assistant professor.
healthTo be flawless now you have to make the effort.
Tip of the Day: Instead of dreaming about a trip to a warm destination, immediately start looking for a last-minute flight.
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You feel like the great protagonist of this pre-Christmas season, and now you have Venus and Mercury in your sign, too. In fact, you’re so ready to follow the latest trend that influencers are raving about, Diletta Leotta in the first place. It’s about the dress Trump Lowell Draws and emphasizes all female forms. Perfect for someone who absolutely does not want to go unnoticed.

Capricorn today

Today’s horoscope Capricorn

the lovekisa: The sensuality has exploded.
a jobDesign: a great leader.
health: Earn likes and compliments even without posting anything on social networks.
Tip of the Day: Brew a pot of American long coffee to share in the office with colleagues.
8 +


You can always rely on the determined qualities and fortitude that Mars guarantees you in any situation. Just like the child lost in Kenya’s national park, Tsavo East, inhabited by lions and hyenas, who survived alone for six days. You never give up, even with a waning moon, because you always have uncommon courage and strength.

Aquarius today

Today’s horoscope Aquarius

the love: passion is always irrepressible.
a jobYou are always ready to jump into controversies as if it were a wrestling match.
healthYou are so familiar with your body that you are the one giving the lessons to the personal trainer.
Tip of the Day: Take advantage of the Lazio Cinema Days to go and see the latest releases in cinemas for only three euros.
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You feel lucky now that Mercury and Venus are back to support you. Just like the man who decided to bet at the last minute that Morocco would beat Portugal and win a million euro prize. A great way to prepare for the upcoming holidays and to give gifts to everyone you know.

Pisces today

Pisces today

the loveYour dreams are finally coming true.
a job: Dare because you might really be lucky.
health: Even in your pajamas and slippers, you’ll be ready for the gala evening.
Tip of the Day: Try to calculate when to retire, sometimes a little precision can come in handy.
vote 6 and a half

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