Petrol prices in Naples today, and here the cost to do so is lower: four out of ten pumps are white

Cost Gas It has risen and may continue to do so. Data for these days, updated weekly from lighttestify that fuel prices – Average €1.835 per liter It has not been higher than at any time since 2012 and recent increases will result in a capacity of more than €400 per household per year. However, there are gas stations that resist price hikes and are still able to save fuel for less than €1,750 per liter: a Naples – According to data provided by the fuel price observatory Mise, updated to February 2022 – there are ten of them. Four of these, however, are white pumpsthat is, without a recognized brand: the latter therefore does not guarantee the quality of the fuel.

The cheapest distributor is located in Naples at Via Kella: AB . fuel, where the cost was set at 1,592 euros per liter. 1678 euros per liter is the point price of gasoline distributed Total From the Di Benedetto brothers, in the Via Nicolini. Distributor closes this platform Q 8 From Via Volpicella at 1.709 euros per liter.

In fourth place is another Q8 point, which iseasy jumpers It is located on Delle Ville Romani Street: the price of gasoline here is 1719 euros per liter. little difference with Total – 1720 euros per liter – via Don Bosco. L ‘Ewa Capodichino In Via Caserta al Bravo, he sells fuel at 1725, while the gasoline reported by the distributor is 1749 euros per liter. Milton via argin. Same price for 3 brand distributors IPto close this special arrangement: those in Via Andrea Doria, Via Cavalleggeri and Via Traiano.

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