GF Vip 7, Signorini Fishing for men and women: two stars of the show are ready to cross the red door

GF Vip 7, Signorini Fishing for men and women: two stars of the show are ready to cross the red door

Eleven days left until the first episode of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP So far, the identityFibonineWho will cross the red door?

Alfonso Signorini –

Summer has arrived, and September has never arrived. This month anticipates the return to school, work, the arrival of new commitments… but also the beginning of new releases of our favorite programmes. Among them, among the most anticipated, undoubtedly, Big Brother VIP Which will return this year to remain the company starting from Monday 19.

On top of the reality show we’ll meet again Alfonso SignoriniWhile the commentators will be Sonia Bruganelli and Orita Berti. For previous editions, close to the program, it was already known to most of the celebrities who crossed the door of the most spying house in Italy; This year, however, the conductor of the orchestra chose to follow the path of mystery, focusing to the last onsurprise effect.

So far, only Giovanni Ciacci, Pamela Prati and Wilma Goich have been confirmed, but in the past few hours, Amedeo Fenza On social networks, she revealed the names of other candidates for a reality show that corresponds to two former champions of men and women. Let’s find out who it is together.

From the throne of “UeD” to the “GF Vip” sofa

competitors "GF Vip 7" -
Luca Salatino Teresa Angela –

The web, as we know, always gives great emotion, especially when it comes to spotting gossip and foolishness. Recently, in fact, Amedeo Venza revealed through his Instagram profile that among the new giffini there can also be two famous faces of men and women. According to Venza, in fact, they will participate in Big Brother Vip 7 also Luca Salatinothe former tronista of the previous version of Maria De Filippi’s dating show, e Theresa Angelawhich is also a former tronista, a former seducer of temptation island. To be sure, of course, we just have to wait!

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The women of the house… and beyond

Also during a recent Instagram story, Amedeo Fenza also reported everyone’s names Women Who are expected to participate this year in GF Vip. The following celebrities are cited in the indiscretion in question: Carolina Marconi; Sarah Altupelo, Wilma Goish, Patricia Rossetti, Teresa Angela, Geneva, Lamborghini, Alienware, Turquoise, Pamela Prati, Sofia Gael de Donna; Antonella Fiordelici and Nikita, whose surname Amedeo is not mentioned. However, it could be Nikita Pelizon, a model and influencer who also participated Beijing Express.

There have also been rumors recently of a possible return to GF Who is the influencer? Julia Salmi. Well, it will be, but this time, the young model will not fill the role of the contender. Julia, in fact, will be present in the studio, she will be interested in commenting and reporting on everything that happens on the web regarding Big brother During the reality show episodes.

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