EU summit draft: “Help Kyiv, Moscow will withdraw.” Zelensky: “We expect an escalation of hostilities” – live

EU summit draft: “Help Kyiv, Moscow will withdraw.”  Zelensky: “We expect an escalation of hostilities” – live

Moscow: “Lithuania will lift the ban on transit of goods in Kaliningrad, otherwise we will respond”

Chargé d’Affairs at the Embassy of Lithuania A He flies She was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to which she lodged a solemn protest against the restriction of commercial transit to the Russian ghetto KaliningradAdding that if the blockade is not lifted, Russia reserves the right to “measures aimed at defending its interests.” Russian agencies report this.

Vilorossi: “A gas platform was hit in the Crimea”

L ‘Ukraine unleash a attacks against implants drilling from the gas company Chernomorneftegazdepends on CrimeaAs a result, three workers were injured. The President of Crimea wrote on his Telegram channel on Monday Sergey Aksionov, as reported by Russian agencies. “I have been in contact with my colleagues from the Ministry of Defense and the FSB (Federal Security Service) since this morning and we have been working to rescue people. There were 12 people on the drilling rigs, five of them were rescued and three were injured. “The search for others continues,” Aksionov said. .

Kyiv: Nearly 33,800 soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the invasion

Accordingly big country Armed forces KyivAnd the Russian soldiers who were killed since the beginning of the invasion are 33800, including 200 on the last day. bring it back Ukrinform.

EU Summit Draft: “Kyiv Aid and Immediate Withdrawal of Russia”

“L”European Union repeat strong support to meUkraine for its economic, military, social and financial resilience” and “Russia calls for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all its forces from the entire Ukrainian territory in accordance with internationally recognized borders.” This is what we read in the first draft of the European Council on June 23 and 24, in the chapter on Ukraine. This is a provisional draft Tomorrow will be put on the table of the General Affairs Council LuxembourgWhile the text in the next few hours will include the position of the Summit regarding the granting of candidate status to Kiev.

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Vilorossi: The fighters who surrendered to Azot in Lugansk

The Ukrainian army that surrendered at the chemical plant azot From Severodonetsk Detained in the so-called People’s Republic Lugansk (LPR): LPR militia spokesman, Andrei Maruschko, told Interfax. “Some of the Ukrainian military who recently surrendered at the Azot plant are now in the Lugansk People’s Republic and work is being done with them,” said Maruchko. “To date, military operations at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk continue as planned,” said Maruchko.

Gas and the Kremlin: “The EU must return Nord Stream’s turbines”

“We have Gas Ready to export, but Europeans have to return Repaired tubular turbines Nord StreamSo said the Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy PeskovAs mentioned Interfax. “The Europeans did not return the turbines from the Nord Stream pipeline after maintenance, and this is the reason for the delay in supplying gas to Europe,” he added.

Medvedev: Relations with the United States? zero”

“Relationships with United State I’m at zero kelvin. We have no relationship with them now. There is no need to melt the ice today, nor to negotiate with them. Let them run or crawl. And they appreciate it as a special service.” He wrote on social media Dmitriy MedvedevSecurity Council Vice President of Russia President’s ally put it in, speaking of the possibility of further negotiations on nuclear treaties. Reports on guardian. “As someone who has a direct relationship to START-3 (the Treaty on the Limitation of Nuclear Weapons between the United States and the Russian Federation) and signed in 2010, I think the time for new negotiations is completely inappropriate,” he added.

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“In Kherson, the Russians retreated behind the line of defense”

“in the area of Kherson The Ukrainian army forced the Russians to retreat behind the first line of defense and are now strengthening their defenses on the second and third lines of defense. The Ukrainian armed forces also bombed Russian warehouses in the rear.” move it Serhi KhellanMilitary Administration Adviser.

Berlin: “Optimism about Sweden and Finland in NATO”

German government”optimisticand ‘look confidently’ at the top Boy From Madrid On the issue of reception in NATO Sweden And the Finland. This was stated by a government source in Berlin, in a briefing before next week’s summits. But the source also warned against strong expectations of the announcement of the decision in Madrid, stressing the “historical significance” of such a decision.

Zelensky: We expect Russian attacks to intensify

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has announced that he expects Russia to escalate its attacks on Ukraine while Kyiv awaits a decisionEuropean Union to give you that Candidate Country Status. “Obviously, this week, we should expect Russia to intensify its hostile activities, to give an example,” Zelensky said in his video night speech. And not only against Ukraine, but also against other European countries. We are preparing. we are ready “.

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