Ukraine crisis, Zelensky accuses Reno, Auchan and Leroy Merlin: They sponsor the Russian war

Ukraine crisis, Zelensky accuses Reno, Auchan and Leroy Merlin: They sponsor the Russian war

Renault opens but takes half a step back – “They should stop financing the killing of women and children, they should stop financing rape. Everyone will remember that values ​​are more important than profits,” Zelensky added. Renault, among the emblematic brands of France, of which The state is the main contributor, has confirmed the reopening of its plant in Moscow, from March 21, as production resumes regularly. The automaker led by Luca de Meo halted production at the plant last month, citing the decision regarding logistical problems that arose after Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine. Russia is Renault’s second largest market after Europe. The manufacturer is on site in particular with the AvtoVAZ branch, which suspended part of its production in mid-March due to a shortage of components due to Western sanctions against Moscow. The reasons for the suspension are not yet clear.

Leroy Merlin does not close despite the attractiveness of the (non-Russian) staff – Leroy Merlin is also very present in Russia, its second largest market after France, with 36,000 employees in 107 hypermarkets and 62 cities. Employees of the popular DIY chain in Ukraine asked the French brand on Monday to cease operations in Russia after one of their stores in Kyiv was bombed. But the company confirmed that it had no plans to close its stores in the union.

Auchan does not give up 10% of its sales – Auchan is also very popular in Russia, with 231 supermarkets with a turnover of €3.2 billion, more than 10% of its global business. Before deputies and senators met for a joint session in Paris, Zelensky also referred to the “ruins of Verdun” during World War I to denounce the killings and destruction spirals committed by the Russian army in Mariupol. After saying he was “grateful” for Emmanuel Macron’s “efforts”, the Ukrainian leader called for more support from France to stop what he called “the war against freedom, equality and brotherhood,” a reference to the party’s founding values. The “openness” that Zelensky noted to the applause of the classroom “made Europe united.”

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