June 7, 2023

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United States, shooting during festivals in Washington, DC: 15-year-old boy killed and three injured, including a client

A fifteen-year-old was killed and three people were injured, including a customer: This is the first true, albeit provisional, toll of the shooting that took place on U Street in Washington, D.C., an area considered the heart of African Americans. The city is full of restaurants, bars and shops. The shooting took place around 6 pm on the sidelines of the “Moechella” music festival, which supports greater social justice. The event included a series of concerts marking the month of June, the new National Day that commemorates the end of slavery in the USA. Before the shooting, the police had decided to end the party for safety reasons due to a series of accidents, first a fight, and then a second episode, when people started scattering and some of them were run over. The police are looking for the culprit. Before the tragedy, the police confiscated several weapons, apparently not the ones with which they fired at the four victims.

Also in Washington, D.C., but in another shooting in the Southeast, where crime and violence are high, a 16-year-old girl was killed. This was reported by the police, who have not yet identified the person responsible.

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