Covid, Bulgaria is the country where people are dying the most today. Whole hospitals and halted surgeries –

Covid, Bulgaria is the country where people are dying the most today.  Whole hospitals and halted surgeries –
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Only 20% of the vaccinated population. Minister of Health Katsarov: The hospital system is now collapsing. WHO warning: In Europe, another half a million deaths by February

The Bulgaria He announced the suspension of all surgeries and non-urgent admissions to hospitals due to the increase in the number of people infected with the Corona virus, who now occupy 90% of the intensive care beds available in the country. The restriction will take effect from tomorrow, Friday, November 5, and will continue until the end of the month, according to what was announced by the Minister of Health, stoicho katsarov. Excluded from this procedure are implants, oncology, psychiatric, childbirth and fertilization. Just a week ago, Katsarov announced that he was about to have to Sending Covid patients abroadConsidering that the hospital system is now collapsing after the fourth wave. Our capacity for health workers and ventilators is almost exhausted, and we will have to seek help abroad, Reportsdad ,
It also reminds us of the introduction of the obligation to show the green pass to enter all indoor buildings on October 21, except for pharmacies, banks and grocery stores.

The provision suspended for operations takes effect two days after a new death is registered (310 deaths were recorded on November 2) and the injuries recorded in the Balkan country, with a rate of only 26.2% The least immunized population in the entire European Union. Only a fifth of the population of about 7 million has been fully vaccinated. Today, Bulgaria is experiencing the most tragic situation in the world: it has the largest number of Per capita deaths associated with the Corona virus around the world. The data indicate 338.83 deaths per 100,000 population (Until October 30, 2021). Followed by Brazil, which is the second a report Johns Hopkins University
In second place is the number of deaths (287.46 per 100 thousand). The only other European country in the top five in RomaniaIt ranked third, with a rate of 237.73 deaths. In the past 24 hours, Sofia recorded 135 deaths.

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The spread of the virus is sparking new interest across Europe, with the World Health Organization reporting a 6% increase in infections on the continent in the past seven days, the highest number globally. The Director of the World Health Organization for Europe said that the current rate of infection in 53 countries in the European region is of great concern. Hans Kluge, today at a press conference, explains that a credible projection indicates another half a million deaths from Covid-19 by February if the current trend continues.

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