Baglioni, legal battle against Striscia la Notizia: ‘Jerry Scotty slandered me’

Baglioni, legal battle against Striscia la Notizia: ‘Jerry Scotty slandered me’

There is a heavy legal case under consideration between Claudio Baglioni and Striscia la Notizia: in fact, the beloved Romanian singer denounced the satirical program for defamation, which raised the questions of Jerry Scotti. Let’s see what exactly happened.

Claudio Baglioni, legal battle against Striscia la Notizia

one in progress Intense legal battle By order of Baglioni against Striscia newssarcasm program Mediaset.

Among the suspects falls Jerry Scotty with to me Antonio RicciAnd the Enzo IaquiteAnd the Ezio Grigio The magician of Casanova Antonio Montanari. But what are the reasons that prompted the Romanian singer to open the case?

Baglioni has always been talked about a lot, but only for his undoubted vocal skills and beloved songs that will forever remain in the archives of the best Italian music.

But this time Baglioni He is very angry and has reached the point of tolerance, to a great extent File a lawsuit against Striscia la Notiziaalso including many connectors, including Jerry Scotty. Now it will be up to the law to decide who is right and how much the wrongdoer should pay. incentive? libel.

Claudio Baglioni

In fact, Baglioni accuses the program of damaging his reputation. It all starts with the book.All poets with ClaudioIt can be downloaded from the news website ordered by the Monza court spasm.

ejaculation charge

The pages support the thesis that Palloni songs are not original, but copied by authors of the past. From the singer’s point of view he is Try to defameThat is why he opened a severe lawsuit against the program.

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In the e-book – downloadable from the site – this is clearly stated Baglioni allegedly copied several pieces of his repertoire This made him one of the most beloved singers in the Italian scene and beyond.

Baglioni then denounced the entire Striscia crewAnd the starting from Jerry Scotty passes through Antonio Ricci, Enzo IaquiteAnd the Ezio Grigio And the Antonio Montanari.

Jerry Scotty

Faced with severe accusations and an ongoing bad case, Antonio Ricci And he answered: We didn’t piss anyone off. ” Ritchie uses precise words to emphasize that everything that has been said has been previously verified and therefore consistent with the truth.

“We just collected and verified the reports of our viewers and some fans of the singer himself. Now the judges will decide whether what is said and done falls within the bounds of spelling. “he claims.

According to the court of Monza and Claudio Baglioni, the Romanian singer is right about this unpleasant legal issue..

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