“I understand why I wasn’t invited.”

“I understand why I wasn’t invited.”

It will be broadcast in prime time on Rai3 on Friday 13 October.”Enzo Tortora. I want to imagine myself somewhere else“, a documentary that tells the story of the sensational miscarriage of justice that ended the career and life of the TV presenter and journalist. The Daughter Gaia TortoraDeputy Director of Tg La7, has Controversial with Ray.

Gaia Tortora’s first rush

Gaia Tortora wrote on Twitter on October 9: “To those asking me… I wasn’t even invited and I didn’t know anything about it. “I’m no longer surprised by anything.”

Then on Wednesday, October 11, he added: “I had the opportunity to watch the documentary. My father was a private man. I now understand why I wasn’t invited. RAI takes care of those who still have no voice today. Instead of collecting testimonies and passing it off as a documentary.”

Reply Fabrizio Zappi

Fabrizio Zappi, director of Rai Doc, commented: “It is very unfortunate that the sincere tribute to Enzo Tortora, wholly successful, has been tainted by… Deceptive situation“.

And then: “It was Dr. Gaia Tortora I called several times “From production to produce the documentary in the formats he preferred, but no response was received.”

Gaia Tortora replied

Gaia Tortora responded in 3 tweets. The first reads: “I have the right not to participate in The project that does not convince me That’s why, in one of the many offers I received, I said I wasn’t interested. Also because if I remember correctly my sister passed away recently. However, I was not invited to the show.”

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He then added: “My calling the Raidocumentari director a pretentious person because I know absolutely nothing about the past and present disqualifies him.”

This is the third tweet published by Gaia Tortora: “He is my father. I have the right to say what I think I have never been deprived of anything. This process is very clear to me. continued”.

Image source: ANSA

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