Katia Ricciarelli is out of control, noise in the night

Katia Ricciarelli In the midst of her usual morning outburst, this time she complains about the annoying noise in the middle of the night: Stranger things happen to her GF Vip

La gieffina Katia Ricciarelli (GF Vip screenshot)

Givina Katia Ricciarelli unleashes herself in the early morning with Nicola. They sit at the table in the kitchen for breakfast but Katya as usual sends the sting to everyone.

What pissed her off this time was the noise at night That in the second she didn’t let her sleep. Nicolas tries to “excuse” the other tenants, but Katya doesn’t want to know anything about her, according to giffina disrespect To other people who share the house and room with them.

This isn’t the first time Ricciarelli has come back to this point, according to the opera singer, although we’re talking about a reality show, we should still try to be as polite as possible because it’s still a symbiosis.

But let’s see exactly how the discussion went …

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Katia Ricciarelli exploded, the noise of the night infuriating her

Katia Ricciarelli
Katia Ricciarelli [Screenshot GF Vip]

You don’t do these things at home, that’s all… they come here to do themKatia Ricciarelli started to get angry while having breakfast.

At 2 a.m. last night, Alex and his other buddies started singing and composing music while the rest of the group slept. “But really I wouldn’t do it in my house, it’s not like I start composing music at night because there…if you sleep…it bothers you.Nicola tries to pamper her, but she doesn’t even have time to talk which Katya keeps pressing into the lecture.

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Anyway, it’s also the fact that one takes into account the context…we’re here…then everyone has their own…well…that doesn’t bother me.Nicholas repeats, but Katya is on a rampage:But does everyone have their own? !!!?! But what are these sermons? We do not live among boy animals, a minimum of common sense is enough! Just give these speeches! “.

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