Jovanotti positive in Covid-

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Singer, songwriter and musician Lorenzo Cherubini Jovanotti positive for Covid-19: He made himself known in a series of videos on TikTok, where he shows his ceremonial isolation

Jovanotti is positive for Covid-19.

Singer and songwriter Lorenzo Cherubini He explained that he contracted the virus through a series of videos posted on TikTok, thanked his wife for the fusilli pasta with broccoli left at the door and then told her how she was doing.


A day from me and from the virus spreading. Christmas is over, the virus will pass too, come, happy holidays. In the photos, we see Jovanotti walking around wearing a white T-shirt and a checkered red T-shirt. He showed the thermometer and said: Yesterday I was 38 with a fever, today 37.2. Come on, well, then I’m grafted. Say hi to everyone and explain that you have a severe sore throat and muscle aches.

Effect – explains – to the powerful. Then he turns into the virus that punches virtual and talks to him: Get away, there are better places. Jovanotti says Nicola Savino has also contracted the virus: Not that these quick swabs are very effective, despite all the precautions. he called me Nicolas Savino In the evening he said to me: This morning I was negative, but I did the molecular and I am positive.

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