Education: GoStudent Expands to the US

Education: GoStudent Expands to the US

GoStudent, the leader in e-learning and online education, has announced its expansion in the United States and the opening of a US office in Austin, Texas.. Powered by the European success and the welcome received in the US after the first “easy launch” that began last November, the Austrian expansion is now ready to set out to conquer the US market.

GoStudent currently operates in 23 markets, including some overseas markets such as Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and now also the United States, the highest rated unicorn education technology in Europe. Since last spring, the company has also been in Italy, where it has an office in Milan. Therefore, the launch of GoStudent in the US is part of an ambitious international expansion plan and represents an essential step towards achieving the company’s core goals: giving life to the world’s number one school and establishing itself as an industry leader. Online iteration, not only in Europe, but globally.

With its launch in the United States, GoStudent aims to provide millions of American families with access to affordable, one-to-one lessons. Through the GoStudent platform, US students will be able to access online video lessons for more than 30 study subjects, help with standardized tests – including the SAT, one of the most popular exams for US college admissions – and support interest-based learning.

“With more than 50 million K-12 students, ages 6-18, the US is a key market with huge potential,” said Chief Growth Officer Laura Warnier, who has long been at the helm of GoStudent’s global expansion. “. “The United States has really good conditions,” Warnier explained. “With the strong presence of prestigious universities, we expect to be able to create a network of teachers of the highest quality.” “In America, online learning is already a widespread and standardized practice. This factor, combined with the fact that there are large rural areas where access to physical tutors is limited, makes the launch of GoStudent in the US market very promising.” , continued.

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Recent studies conducted by GoStudent in the US found that more than 65% of parents surveyed have used mentoring services to support their children in the past 12 months. On average, one session in the US costs $68. The average price for a session with GoStudent is, on the other hand, $41 (prices are between $32, and $50, depending on the selected package); 40% less than the standard price in the US.

“At GoStudent, we have always pursued a very ambitious goal: to allow every child and young person to reach their full potential. On our journey toward achieving this mission, we are committed to delivering high-quality education using online solutions and offering higher prices,” said Felix Ohswald, Co-Founder and CEO. For GoStudent: “Digitalization has always helped democratize industries, and it’s time for it to happen in education as well.”

Sam Best will lead expansion into the United States. Prior to joining GoStudent, Best gained extensive sales experience and held strategic and leadership positions in technology startups and other high-growth businesses. Laura concluded, “In addition to having a strong background, Sam is a leader capable of inspiring and motivating his team. We are delighted that he has joined us and are confident that he will be able to make an invaluable contribution to GoStudent.” Cautious.

GoStudent has chosen Austin as its headquarters in America. The Texas capital is currently among the most vibrant and vibrant “emerging cities” in the United States, so much so that it has earned the nickname Silicon Hills. Austin is already a hub for many new technology companies, and it’s an ideal launching pad for European companies looking to expand into the American market. The Unicorn EdTech GoStudent Program will join more than 7,000 high-tech companies, 100 incubators, accelerators, and co-workers in the city.

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Austin is also known for its large pool of young talent – it has the fifth highest concentration of adults graduating from college and more than a third of the population is between the ages of 25 and 44. “We are looking for bright and multifaceted collaborators to be included on the GoStudent team. Austin offers a very large and diverse pool of candidates, and this makes it a very promising city. Being able to draw on top talent is the first, but essential, step to be able to position ourselves as a company A leader in the e-learning and online education market also in the US,” said Sam Best, GoStudent US Director.

Over the course of 2022, GoStudent aims to significantly expand the Austin team and exceed 130 employees. By the end of the year, the Austrian range was set to expand to reach a volume of more than 150,000 sessions booked per month in the US alone. The launch of GoStudent in the USA comes just a few weeks after the acquisition of English Seneca Learning and Spanish Tus Media, a group to which and belong, which are also well-established brands in Italy. On the other hand, FoxEducation, another leading company operating in the education technology sector for schools, was acquired by GoStudent at the end of 2021.

Additionally, in January 2022, GoStudent announced the closing of a $340 million Series D funding round led by Prosus, which catapulted the company’s valuation to $3.5 billion.

Left Lane Capital, the New York-based venture capital and growth equity firm, has long believed in GoStudent and has invested in expanding its Vienna reach since the Serie A funding round in early 2020. “In the past we’ve seen European companies., such as Hellofresh and Blinkist, have successfully landed in the U.S. Great. We are delighted that students in America can finally have access to high quality, competitively priced tutoring. GoStudent’s promise to make 1:1 tutoring more accessible and affordable will greatly support young Americans, especially those who live in rural and low-income areas.”

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