Mobility Bonus 2022: Since the time of application

Mobility Bonus 2022: Since the time of application

Applications for the 2022 Mobility Award are approaching. The tax credit will be recognized for expenses made between August and December 2020. Let’s see together when and how it will be possible to apply.

The navigation bonus has been added for the first time since then Re-launch decree in 2020 and then also extended to 2022. The concession consists of a credit tax Provided to those who incurred expenses to buy Zero-emission mobility vehicles and services The old M1 car was scrapped.

From April 13, 2022, it will be possible to apply for the 2022 Mobility Bonus. Let’s see together in detail.

Mobility Bonus 2022: When and how to apply?

electric scooter

It would be possible to do to request to Mobility bonus starting From April 13, 2022 to May 13, 2022.

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To request the Mobility Bonus, it is necessary to communicate with the Revenue Agency, within the pre-established deadline, the amount of expenses incurred and the required tax credit. Submit form set out in the relevant ruling Via web service Available in the reserved area of ​​the site or remote channels agency.

The tax credit can only be used on a tax return as a reduction of taxes due and can be used no later than the 2022 tax period. Within 10 days of the application deadline, the percentage of the credit will be revealed. Tax payable to each applicant, on the basis of applications received and resources allocated, of €5 million.

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Mobility Bonus 2022: What is it

scooterThe bonus Mobilityalso known as bike bonus or scooter bonus, consists of a credit tax From a maximum value of 750 euros, To be included on your tax return as well as reference to costs incurred for using bike or scooter sharing services.

The application for the benefit can only be submitted for the expenses incurred in the covered period Between August 1 and December 31, 2020Thus, the tax credit cannot be requested for new purchases.

To take advantage of the 2022 Mobility Bonus, it is necessary to obtain it M1 class car scrapped They fall within those stipulated in Paragraph 1032 of Article 1 of the Law of December 30, 2018, n. 145.

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