A stunning hail storm bleaches parts of Bagis and Anoia

A stunning hail storm bleaches parts of Bagis and Anoia

Spectacular hailstorms in parts of Bagis and NoyaElisa Altimiras

The stunning snowstorms caught road residents and drivers by surprise Berries I’boring. They began to accumulate among the Maya population Its thickness reaches 10 cm. The cold has left wide areas white, giving the effect of falling snow. From eight o’clock in the evening, for 15 minutes, the water and stones did not stop falling.

In Anoya, the quarantine also left the main roads white Area, such as C-15. There were many drivers who had to stop their cars due to poor visibility on the asphalt and surrounding areas. In IgualadaThe size of the hailstones was similar to that of hazelnutsas reported by various accounts on the “X” platform. Audina accumulated up to 16.2 mm.

The rains also affected Batum di Berga. The traditional passacarres, scheduled for 19.30, had a delayed departure until the rain stopped, about two hours later.

Patom Pass flooded by rain

In the Maresme region, rain caused flooding in several areas. Although rainfall records were not particularly high – the highest was in Caldes de Montbuis at 32.3 liters per square meter – the rain fell in short order and left some roads submerged and some torrential. the Firefighters in Generalitat They have received about two dozen rain damage notices, mostly in Maresme.

Civil Protection had alerted the Catalonia Flood Emergency Plan (INONCAT) in north-eastern Catalonia, Tarragones and the Baix camp as of midday, butRain also reached the Barcelona metropolitan area and central Catalonia.

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