Cheese, Italian exports grow: + 14.2% in the United States, + 11.2% in Japan

Cheese, Italian exports grow: + 14.2% in the United States, + 11.2% in Japan

The Italian cheese world is celebrating a great start to 2022, with double-digit growth in business in the United States and Japan.

Scientist cheese Italy finished the first five months of this year with an excellent performance in foreign markets: according to the latest report drafted by CLAL, in fact, tricolor dairy purchases in United State It has grown by 14.2% in quantitative terms based on the trend – an increase that actually puts Italy in the first place among the supplier countries. The performance is also good Japan: Here the shoe is up 11.2% year over year, though We’ve already told you about Rising Sun’s renewed passion for cheese.


It is important to bear in mind, staying in the Japanese context, that the above-mentioned increase acquires a particularly positive value when we consider that it fits into the picture of a decrease in imports of their cheeses (according to the calculations of -2.9%), which in the opinion of experts can be attributed to the occurrence of logistical difficulties and increase unit prices (+ 5.4%). Finally, excellent results are obtained in Canada: Maple Leaf imports are up 11.6% over the same period in 2021, certainly driven by the Ceta agreement with the European Union. Thus Italy boasts a market share of 17% and is the second step on the platform in the supplier ranking, positioning itself behind the United States and ahead of the France, which instead saw its sales drop by 11.4%.

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