Ukraine – Russia, today’s news of the war. Zelensky: “Difficult negotiations, but they continue”

Ukraine – Russia, today’s news of the war.  Zelensky: “Difficult negotiations, but they continue”

Threats, penalties and clashes on the ground. Ukraine experienced a new war night in anticipation of possible international news, President Zelensky says: “Tough negotiations, but we continue.” While American defense sources warn that the Russians have entered Mariupol, but the city is resisting. According to the Ukrainian president, the Russians captured rescuers in a humanitarian convoy, 11 buses destined for fleeing civilians: on board were drivers and emergency service personnel. In light of tomorrow’s summits (G7, NATO and the Council of the European Union), there was a phone call between Prime Minister Draghi and French President Macron. Above all, the unconvincing threat made by Kremlin spokesman Peskov weighed: We will use nuclear weapons Only if our existence is threatened.”

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Minutes in minutes on Tuesday, March 22nd

07:22 Ukrainian media: Two children were killed in a Russian attack

Two children were killed in the aftermath of an attack by Russian forces in Rubezny, eastern Ukraine. The Kyiv Independent newspaper reported, citing the governor of Luhansk region, Serhiy Gaidai. According to the governor, a bullet hit an apartment on the fifth floor of a building, killing three people, including two children.

07:20 The United States of America, Russia is not a responsible nuclear power

“This is not the way a responsible nuclear power should act”: This was, according to the BBC, the Pentagon’s reaction to allegations by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov that Russia would use nuclear weapons if it deemed its “existence itself threatened”.

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07:16 Moscow and Kiev are available for prisoner exchange

Ukraine has demonstrated a willingness “unlikely in a while” to exchange prisoners with Russia. This was stated by the Russian Commissioner for Human Rights, Tayana Moskalkova, at a hearing in the State Duma.

05:50 Zelensky accuses Russian pilots of crimes against civilians

Ukrainian President Zelensky said in his Facebook speech that Russian pilots will be held responsible for killing civilians. “I would like to repeat this again to all the Russian pilots, they do not think about the orders they are carrying out. Because killing civilians is a crime.”

05:00 Zelensky: 100,000 people are trapped in Mariupol

Nearly 100,000 people are trapped in the ruins of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol under relentless Russian bombardment. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Tens of thousands of residents have fled the besieged southern port city, bearing horrific evidence of a “view of a frozen inferno filled with corpses and destroyed buildings,” according to Human Rights Watch.

04:00 Peskov: American biological laboratory tests

In the battle of accusations over the possible use of chemical and biological weapons, Kremlin spokesman Peskov delivered a blow. Moscow has “strong evidence” to show that the United States is developing military biological projects in laboratories located in countries neighboring Russia.”

03:20 GB intelligence: protests in occupied cities and the danger of repression

The Ukrainian civilian population in Russian-occupied cities continues to protest Russian control, according to the latest intelligence update from the UK Ministry of Defense. “Russian efforts to subdue the population by manipulating the media, spreading propaganda and leading agents loyal to the Kremlin have failed,” the source says. Then the warning: “It is possible that Russia will respond to these failures by using increasingly coercive and violent measures in an attempt to suppress the Ukrainian population.”

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Kherson Residents return to protest in the street and the Russians disperse them with tear gas

3:00 Zelensky: “My personal prisoner in Moscow”

In a speech on Telegram, Zelensky gave more details about the kidnapping of rescue personnel in Mariupol: “Employees of the state emergency service and bus drivers” were captured by Russian forces: “We are doing everything we can to liberate our people. And unblock Russian troops. Movement of humanitarian cargo.” It is noteworthy that Moscow seized a humanitarian convoy of 11 buses that was heading to Mariupol to rescue the fleeing Ukrainians from the city. “Despite all the difficulties, we saved 7,026 people from Mariupol. Tomorrow we will continue this important work,” added Zelensky.

02:30 CNN shows missile launches from Crimea

A video, posted on Telegram and geolocated by CNN, shows a cruise missile being launched from a ship off the coast of Crimea, west of the city of Sevastopol, toward Ukraine. “Obviously there’s a ship far away,” says a voice in Russian. “He’s shooting at something,” he says again, “but you can’t see where.”

02:00 The Pentagon: Russia’s strength is less than 90%

For the first time since the invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s combat power has fallen below 90%. This was stated by an American defense official, explaining that Moscow suffered heavy losses “in ammunition and men.” “They invested a lot in this war and they still have a lot of resources – but we see every day they lose planes, tanks, artillery, helicopters and planes. They also lose many men,” the official said.

01:45 Zelensky: The Russians captured the rescuers in Mariupol

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an overnight speech that Russian forces not only prevented a humanitarian convoy trying to reach the besieged city of Mariupol with supplies, but also arrested some rescuers and bus drivers. “We are trying to organize stable humanitarian corridors for the residents of Mariupol, but almost all of our attempts, unfortunately, have been thwarted by the Russian occupiers, deliberate bombing or terror,” Zelensky said in a nightly video address to the nation. Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshuk said the Russians had kidnapped 11 bus drivers and four rescuers with their cars.

01:35 Nate, tomorrow Biden sanctions hundreds of members of the State Duma

US President Joe Biden will impose new sanctions on hundreds of members of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament. It was revealed by the New York Times. The new measures against Moscow are scheduled for tomorrow, with the US president in Brussels for the NATO summit, meeting with the leaders of the Group of Seven and the European Council on Ukraine.

01:29 American sources: The Russians are in Mariupol, but the city is resisting

Russian troops entered Mariupol, including the separatists in the Donbass. This was stated by an American defense source, stressing that “the Ukrainians are fighting hard to prevent the city from falling” into the hands of Moscow. The same sources report that they “observed Russian naval activity in the Black Sea, but this does not mean that an amphibious attack on Odessa is imminent.”

Latest satellite images from Mariupol (Reuters)

00:44 Zelensky: “Tough negotiations, but we continue”

We continue to work at various levels to make sure that Russia is convinced of the need to stop this heinous war. We continue our difficult negotiations. That is the challenge. “Sometimes it’s scandalous,” President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking about the talks between Kyiv and Moscow on the government’s Facebook page, said. They convince us to see the truth of acts of war and to understand that the world will not stop the truth, our truth. We will fight to the end in a brave and open way.”

00:27 Sullivan: The EU’s move for autonomy from Russia

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said President Biden worked jointly with Europe on energy security to reduce dependence on Russian oil and gas. It is expected that Biden will visit Europe, where he will participate in a series of meetings with NATO allies, the leaders of the Group of Seven and the European Union.

00:22 Blinken campaign against Russian propaganda

US Secretary of State Blinken launched a campaign against Moscow’s disinformation: #Stop lying, that’s the message. # Stop Lying. # Stop Lying. Below Blinken’s Twitter post is a two-and-a-half minute video, titled ‘The Truth About Putin’s War’, in which four young Ukrainians – Daria, Kirillo, Buzhina and Viktor – recount the war drama in English and invite everyone to exchange messages to “Stop the Lies”. and help Ukraine.

00:17 Dumping offers of Bansky’s work to Ukraine

Banksy, a highly rated street artist from Bristol, is Take the field for Ukraine One of his works was auctioned with the aim of financing the largest children’s hospital in Kyiv. Starting at a bidding base of 20,000 pounds, within a day online auction house announced that it is now only accepting amounts over 40,000 pounds. Doubling up due to many people interested in buying Banksy’s Peaceful Business “CND Soldiers” which was created in 2005. Two soldiers are depicted drawing the symbol of peace and denuclearization on the wall.

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