Easter weather: high temperatures with rain

Time for this Easter Holiday It is characterized by a major disturbance in Ireland, and at the end of the week another disturbance will develop near Galicia. Storms will send us arms of clouds and instability that translates into daily rain showers with a predominance of southern winds. Some days you should carefully follow the development of the forecast because it can vary from one day to another.

The days of removing evil have arrived, La Scala (Marta Paris)

We saw our first spell of rain between Monday and Tuesday, and another spell is expected on Sunday. From this first round of rainfall, here is a map of the records that, as you can see, reached all parts of the country.

This rain is considered blessed water for forests and crops. Plants and fields have been under severe stress over the past few months due to the lack of rainfall and drought we have been experiencing over the past three years. This is very positive water for recharging aquifers, but on the other hand, it is completely insufficient to replenish the water reserves of reservoirs, especially those in inland basins. We need a good handful of headwater precipitation episodes that total more than 300mm, because our rainfall deficit is too high.

Today, a gray day with more rain

On Tuesday, the first disturbance of the week will pass, mainly between dawn and morning. in the morning It will rain anywhere in the countryWhile rain is concentrated during the morning in the northern half. But the amounts will generally be modest Locally abundant towards the southern slope of the High Pyrenees. The snow level will drop during this stage of the day from 1,800 meters to 1,200 meters in the western Pyrenees and 1,600 meters in the east. In the last hour of the day it will drop to 800 meters north of Lleida provinces.

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During the afternoon they will stay Rainfall More remains in the Pyrenees, with snow levels falling to around 800 meters in the evening. There will also be moderate showers in Terres de l'Ebre in the early afternoon that will move towards central Catalonia until mid-afternoon. Then in the evening Calm sky You will gain land from south to north.

Rain forecast for Tuesday (GFS/TVC)

As the disturbances subside, westerly winds will enter, leading to higher temperatures on the coastal front. Elsewhere, temperatures will continue to drop.

Wednesday, sprinkles in the western Pyrenees and Garbanada on the coast

Temperatures will drop in the morning, which will make the morning cool in the Lleida plain and in the Pyrenees. On the other hand, daytime temperatures will rise clearly due to the presence of the sun and new southern winds.

Although the morning will be sunny with clouds arriving in the west of the country. A completely Atlantic condition, which will lead to precipitation during the afternoon and, above all, in the evening. It will be located mainly in the western Pyrenees in the early afternoon and during the evening and night it will sweep across the northern Ponente and the western provinces of central Catalonia, again with abundant records on the southern slope of the Pyrenees. The altitude will again rise above 1,300 metres.

The sea will be rough and the winds will be southwesterly. Garbinada is very active along the coast.

Rain forecast for Wednesday (GFS/TVC)

Thursday, only rain showers in the Pyrenees and high temperatures everywhere

The rain continues to stagnate towards the northwest, especially during the morning, afternoon and evening. Of course, many days remain and these times can be adjusted. In the rest of the country, some rain cannot be ruled out, but it is of little significance. The southerly winds will be very strong, especially in the evening and in the Pyrenees. Minimum and maximum temperatures will rise clearly in many places. Maximum temperatures will reach 24°C in Ribeira Debre.

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Rain forecast for Thursday (GFS/TVC)

Friday, the hottest day of the week

There is an upcoming disturbance that will be present over Navarra which will pump southerly and southeasterly winds towards the Catalan coast. The sky will be overcast across the country. Rain is expected to reach the western Pyrenees from midday and will be concentrated in the west of the country. We will continue to accumulate very good rain on the headwaters of the Ebro Basin, but in the Eastern Pyrenees we expect almost no precipitation. The southern winds will continue to blow significantly, especially in the Pyrenees. Temperatures also continue to rise, except for the coastal front. The warmest day of the week will be in the interior and mountainous areas.

Rain forecast for Friday (GFS/TVC)

Saturday, from sun to shower

The play is repeated, with a sunny morning and an evening with rain arriving from the west in modest quantities in the western Pyrenees. The winds will be weaker, because the disturbance will have already lost momentum. Temperatures will be within the normal range for these dates.

Rain forecast for Saturday (GFS/TVC)

Sunday, another round of rain

We will be in the unstable part of the disturbance northwest of Galicia. A band of rain will cross the Iberian Peninsula from Andalusia and will arrive at our house in the early hours of the day. Rains that will mainly irrigate the western half of the country are on their way to France. Temperatures will drop and return to normal for this time of year.

Rain forecast for Sunday (GFS/TVC)

On Monday, the Easter period ends with rain

Unrest continues near Galicia and unsafe weather continues at home. Once again, the most significant precipitation will fall in the west of the country, with the largest amounts expected on the southern slope of the Pyrenees.

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Rain forecast for Monday (GFS/TVC)

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