hurricane bomb with snow and freezing cold between the US and Canada; (Video) Live mode »

hurricane bomb with snow and freezing cold between the US and Canada;  (Video) Live mode »

Weather Report: Tornado bombarded with snow and sleet between the United States and Canada; (Video) Live mode

Snow Apocalypse (USA)The Americans have already fired it.”Hurricane bomb“, TRUE The end of the world snow between the United States and Canada. The governors of 7 states have declared a state of emergency precisely because Unusual wave of bad weather in the United States; A series of blizzards combined with the strengthening of the Canadian polar vortex, which has already brought the first impacts to Wyoming with Record temperatures down to -57°C.

the Snowfall They also reached North New York, with inconvenience and cancellation of about 2,000 domestic and international flights. Local weather experts have already dubbed the storm of the century the “snow apocalypse.” Indeed, an event of this magnitude had not been reported for at least a generation. Also Joe Biden Taking the floor to warn the population: “This isn’t a snowy day like when we were kids, it’s serious businessThen he warns:Be careful, follow the signs, this is not normal snowfallThe glacial eruption was accompanied by gusty winds sweeping across the Midwest and Northeast with peaks of more than 100 km/h, caused by a deep vortex that centered itself today over eastern Canada. As we can see in the image below, the Great Lakes region is experiencing blizzards caused by so-called lake snows The effect of snow that causes large amounts of snow to be dumped in Michigan and western New York.Snow storms in the Great Lakes region between the United States and CanadaSnow storms in the Great Lakes region between the United States and Canada

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Looks like he’s living the famous movie”the day after tomorrow“, With’cold snap snap able to do Collapse temperatures d20-30 degrees Celsius in a few tens of minutes. collapse stands out From +6 ° C to -16 ° C In Wyoming within 55 minutes. Less than -10°C even in Dallas, Texas. An insane drop of 30 degrees Celsius was also recorded in Oklahomapasses From +7 ° C to -23 ° C in just under 90 minutes. The images from the video below capture the force of nature well, as blizzards sweep across many parts of North America.

over there National Guard It will be rolled out to many states, from Colorado to Connecticut, and from Kentucky to Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina and Oklahoma. Unfortunately Because of bad weather there are also many casualties For road accidents caused by icy roads and high winds. But let’s see what can happen in the next few hours.

White Christmas in New York. On Christmas Eve, frozen goods will easily invade the East Coast, from Washington, DC to me Baltimorealso passes New York And the Philadelphiareach to Boston.
Thus, a White Christmas With minimum temperatures down to -15 / -20 ° C in cities such as Indianapolis (Indiana), Columbus (Ohio), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and Down to -11°C in New York. Precipitation will remain confined to the Lake District as freezing westerly winds cause severe blizzards over western New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan during Christmas.

and in Italia? First of all, a necessary introduction must be made: Formations related to the North American continent have no effect on the forecast weather in Europewe are very far away and above all they are “local” dynamics, that is, they cannot concern the entire hemisphere!
However, until a few hours ago General Winter seemed to be able to once again raise his voice towards Mid-January 2023everything will depend on the behavior of the Polar Vortex
We’ll be able to talk about it again…

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