February 5, 2023

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United States, 11-year-old girl dies after being crushed by school bus after tripping

a girl 11 years old is deceased at United States of America, after being run over and crushed by a school bus. Annalize Buckner lived in Parachute, Colorado. Last Thursday she had prepared for school, like every day. But she never got there. According to the police report, little Anneliese tripped while running toward the school bus, and was eventually crushed by the wheels.

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School: “We cooperate with the authorities”

The first police report described the girl’s death as an “accident”. Judicial authorities are currently awaiting an autopsy to clarify the dynamics, The Sun reported. Annaliese was in the sixth grade. “Today is a sad day for the Garfield County School District: sad for our schools, sad for our community and sad for our families,” the school said in a note.

The investigation is still ongoing and District 16 is cooperating fully with all authorities dealing with the case. For the time being we will not publish more information,” the note concludes.

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