The Cia files, when the PCI newspaper thought of publishing a nude photo of the US ambassador –

The Cia files, when the PCI newspaper thought of publishing a nude photo of the US ambassador –
to Massimo Gaggi

Claire Booth Luce, in Italy from ’53 to ’56, was an anti-communist

tHated by the left for pushing anti-communism
Then-PCI newspaper, prof Consider publishing a nude photo of a young woman to discredit herEnclosed fan only. So He is appreciated by the Italian far rightin the early post-war years, to push Junio ​​Valerio Borghese, who would become famous a few years later as a hero in the failed Borghese coup, to organize meetings, even before his arrival in Italy, for He recruited it to the right outside the parliament that had just renounced the MSI led by Giorgio Almirante, and considered it weak and defeatist.

Beautiful, worldly, shrewd, anti-communist, Claire Booth Luce Actress, journalist, writer, congresswoman and then ambassador to Italy from 1953 to 1956, she was a legendary figure, controversial in her own way.. Legend is now enriched by new items found in Two secret cables sent by the CIA and the US Embassy in Italy to the State Department in Washington in 1954 and 55 Which provides an explanation for the intention of the aspiring coup plotters to involve her in their plans and existence For a compromising image, according to a note from US Services, Unit He thought using To neutralize, with a scandal, the ambassador who defined communism as a deadly cancer of the soul.

The telegram dated February 5, 1954, according to the agent identified by the code name Ouverture, indicates that he is a member of the Communist Party of the Free Territory of Trieste (a city that will soon return to being entirely Italian too thanks to Lucy’s strong commitment) Send the June 1926 copy of the review to PCI fiametta It contains a photograph of a nude woman who appears to be identical to the current US ambassador to Italy. That image was certainly never exploited by the Italian communists and would also have represented a different person: Claire Booth Luce was certainly a curious person about everything, an artist in the salons, also described as a very unrestrained woman, and also a discreet consumer of LSD. and those of Henry Luce, a staunch editor at timeAnd the life And the fortunes, the most important journals of the time, defined it as a sexually open marriage, although Claire, as well as conservatives and anti-communists, had, after converting to Catholicism in 1946, become a religious fundamentalist. So much so that dad Pius XII, who met her often, once interrupted one of her speeches by saying, “Dear Madam, remember that I too am a Catholic and need not be converted.”.

But, if several lovers are attributed to her in private, including Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, but amid a thousand uncertainties, also because in the same years earthly life was also revived by another actress of almost identical name, Claire Luce, in public life, her explosive and extreme rhetoric was her strength: the strength that led her to be He was elected to Congress and in 1953 he was appointed ambassador to Italy. Appointed by Eisenhower, grateful for the hundreds of rallies with which, during the election campaign, he brought the votes of many Catholics to.

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Despite the merits of Trieste, yet in Italy you leave no good memory of excessive interventionism and Manichaeism. Andrew Montanelli, who was also her friend and admired her beauty, attributes the schoolteacher’s scheming mentality.

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