Sant Pere Pescador will process the file to restore the Gola del Fluvià route

Sant Pere Pescador will process the file to restore the Gola del Fluvià route

Sant Pere Pescador will process the file to restore the Gola del Fluvià routeACN

The Sant Pere Pescador City Council will process a file Restoration of the Gola del Fluvià highway. It is expected to be approved at the plenary session that will be held tomorrow. It is another attempt to restore traffic along the road, as the land owner placed a barrier and fees to access the area surrounding the canals built in the 1970s. The situation and confrontation between the administration and the owner is the legacy of old urbanism. A project with navigable canals, and the demolition of the only building that was built in 2005. The legitimacy is between the state and the owner. .

The city's mayor, Agusti Badosa, explained that the road restoration file is being processed and that they hope to reopen it in time for the summer. At this point, once you reach the area of ​​canals that were built and never demolished, a barrier prevents access to it via Junkar. If you pay, you can go inland, continue to Gola or park your car in these canals where people have been fishing for years. It is also common to see mobile homes there.

But the space is just a short walk from the beach, Gola del Fluvià and the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park. “We must be able to recover this road,” stressed the mayor of Sant Pere Pescador recently at an event in Casal.

The road closure is a problem that arose after many years of the partial plan and urbanization project in Fluvià Nàutic from the 1970s. Urban expansion was planned with navigable canals. Only one building was built by Romasa at that time. Later it will pass into the hands of a company from Navarre. The ground has been declassified. The owner has been in litigation before the Generalitat for years and is defending that he can carry out activities there.

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The road is closed with a barrier that gives access to the space where the kiosk is located and where cars are currently parked for a fee.

Last summer the government imposed a general A fine of 31 thousand euros is imposed on the owner For a file opened a year ago, the landowner advertised on a website for mobile home parking and jet ski rentals. He later set up a tavern there. The sanctions were due to the occupation of the public domain, maritime and land; Install tape in the protection area; and unauthorized activity.

The owner has always maintained that he had permission to exploit the land and has also maintained for years that he was never compensated for declassifying the land. Now the City Council will take another step to try to get back on the path to public ownership.

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