The harmony between science and art on display in Venice

The harmony between science and art on display in Venice

The exhibition arose from a meeting between science and art Nature’s wonder to Charles GasperoniAn Italian artist with Brazilian roots, his work embodies the fusion of his scientific background and his creativity. The strong synergy between nature and scientific research is the focal point of this exhibition, which will take place in the evocative setting of Scoletta Batioro and Tirauro in Venice, from 29 August to 5 September.

a job Gasperoni It is ultra-modern and features its ability to draw on real nature and science, combining celestial elements with natural phenomena to create a color experience that immerses the visitor in a whirlwind of colours. Scoletta Batioro and Tirauro are emblematic places in Venice, where artists create a unique resonance between the historical past and the power of contemporary art.

Natural Wonders by Carlo Gasperoni

A very special relationship with art, as the artist himself explains «I carry out a profession that can be defined as artistic: I am a plastic surgeon, I deal with plastic surgery and over the years I have learned to appreciate beauty, if it is one. Cosmetologists can’t even be good plastic surgeons. You’ve lived in Rome for a long time, a city where art is everywhere, and you become more sensitive to beauty, and you learn to appreciate it. […] At a certain moment, I felt the need to create very colorful works, very close to the artists I love, for example Peter DorazioMoreover, we are never completely original, the works of different artists that we see over the years, even unconsciously, influence us.

An exhibition is a calibrated installation, the individual works contributing to a composition based on the play between brightness and shadow and the viewer’s eye. Sometimes unsettling is sometimes quiet, as changes in nature give life to contrasting colours, insinuating forms, suspended in a botanical-biological predicament where planets and forests, vast expanses and shadowy landscapes stand out, all with playful seriousness.

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Natural Wonders by Carlo Gasperoni

«Recent works made of canvas – explains the curator Camila Bohemia Evoke a wide range of echoes of scenarios in which dreamy landscapes merge with geological and organic forms, as well as the forces of light that illuminate them. The result is a psychedelic forest-like environment where powerful objects attract, repel and eventually absorb all living things into their life-giving field. […] The artist experiments with more elaborate methods of rendering surfaces almost sculptural, including the use of backlight, which opens blurred boundaries in the investigation of imagined, dreamy, and shifting landscapes set in fluid, fluid, and shifting nature. »

Nature’s wonder It marks a crucial chapter in the artistic practice of Gasperoni. “The artist formulated a formal aesthetic vocabulary, in which digital painting and painting converge. In recent years, she has produced a body of work in which subtle evolutions of colour, abstract patterns and materials evoke a contemplative look at silently engaging perceptual experiences.

Artistic biography of Charles Gasperoni Although recent, it has already gained its first recognition. In 2021 he presented a solo exhibition at Tibaldi Arte Contemporanea Contemporary Day exhibition promoted by Amaci. In 2022 he is invited to the exhibition TerraMareStelle at the Babini Gallery, sponsored by the Municipality of Ancona and the Young Entrepreneurs of the Confindustria Marche. In 2023 he will show his work again at the Tebaldi Arte Contemporanea in Rome.

where Scoleta Batioro and Teroro, Salizada San Stay 1980, Venice

when 29 August – 5 September, 11.30am – 1.00pm, 5.00pm – 8.00pm

events August 29, 18:00 opening time; September 2, 18:00 second opening; September 5, 6:00 p.m

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