“We did not miss the skid, we achieved much more than we could have imagined.”

“We did not miss the skid, we achieved much more than we could have imagined.”

Coal was brought to many zoo lovers by the kings of the East, but the next day. The Savor Group literally said “goodbye.” 10 years after the project appeared on the scene, the group's charismatic leader, Tony Sanchez, bid farewell to “Panxo”, the “monkey”, the mascot and badge of the group, in a song. Video where he is seen returning to the forest. It's been a week of announcing to the public what was already a private decision for its members, with interviews and the release of its latest songs, 'Conclusion“, where they sum up their careers in four minutes.

The poet said, “A song is not a song until the people sing it,” and this is what the Zoo achieved not only in its concerts, but also in festivals in many cities, pavilions, stadiums, and anywhere it wants to party. Or send a message. People sing Zoo Animals outside the zoo. Let's take a look at the hit songs from his three albums (Storms come from the south, Rafale I Lipoleas) While Bankso speaks to us with a sense of sadness and someone to relieve him of his burden.

The zoo is on hold Corbel From the revolution Was Monet as happy as the graffiti said?

I think so. It is the perfect phrase to sum up these ten years, and this is what we must stick to. The coin was happy and I was happy.

You've managed to sing in Valencian from here to Japan, you've filled the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and the WiZink Center in Madrid, and you leave when you're at the top… Have you missed someone? Slipping?

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The truth is, no, we didn't miss the slide, we achieved much more than we could have ever imagined when we started this adventure. The slide was perhaps the last record and the last explosion. We made it ourselves, jumped into it and really enjoyed it.

You will survive the fire and face the giant. What couldn't the zoo survive?

The zoo did not survive but it “survived”, we survived very well. What we didn't particularly want was to survive, but with the concept of procrastination, that as long as the machine was running, it would be super fast, at full speed, and we succeeded, but we saw that technically we were no longer going to get bigger. I don't understand cases like the Rolling Stones or U2, they're people old enough to buy a fishing rod. I don't understand why at these ages and with a full pocket they have to take this beating. I think you need to know how to stop and know how to leave the project before anything else.

Xavi Sarria leaves, Deulofi stops, now the zoo… A music tournament in Valencia ends but continues. For those who come, you're probably like the teacher?

Well, I think a little yes. We all feed off of what happened before. I believe that we have been able to be and will be a mirror in many things, as they were for us Operant Bass, Xavi Sarria, Orxata Sound System or La Jossa Sorda… the masters of music in Valencia.

It begins in 2014 at the dawn of a new political era, and leaves in 2024, months after it ends. aftersummer And I'winter Or the Al Marara Street?

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Everything indicates that bitterness street may be coming. The people who were always there are back, but now they are more liberal and more impudent. Now that I have a bullfighting culture advisor, more songs come to mind, but… Things change and Valencia has changed in recent years. But we have a social norm that makes us believe that everything can be turned upside down. We hope that Al-Marar Street will be an alley and end in a large, flowery meadow.

You put Fans They were spitting out the shit “bread” all over and I distributed it LollipopsI've done a mix of music and generations. Is this what the zoo was talking about or did you find it?

Well, the songs demonstrated honesty and passion for the craft. We felt very good, and the songs reached many people, from here and there, and to people with different tastes, who might not have thought so at first.

The activity was a non-negotiable principle, and one of the references was the musical story “Despite everything, Palestine”. How do you live in these difficult times?

We live it intensely enough. We were there in 2018 as a performance group, and it was a trip that moved us a lot. The idea was for Marcus to be there, and now the story has come together with this very exciting moment they're having there. We hope that we have contributed our share, but here the international community must intervene.

The finale was announced with ten concerts spread across the country. Why one to focus For everything Spain?

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We wanted to do some dates and distribution around the area. A lot of people were disappointed that we did that. But the last four years we've been doing 70, 60, 50 shows a year. It's been a long time, people have had time and we don't have the power anymore. But above all we wanted to finish in Gandia, so that our parents could see us and sleep at home the same night.

the Posthumous song Was it sung too early, or was the ending already thought out?

It was sung when it was played, and some will think we won't be singing much soon. These decisions are not made overnight, it takes us some time. We kept thinking about what we were doing, how we were doing, and when you think about it too much, it's because you have to make the move.

As Monet returns to the forest, she will continue VanguardBut…in the world of music or Rafale?

Every person has a life project. The world of music is very wide. There are people in the group who play charanga at village festivals, others are music teachers… The zoo caught us all already in our 30s, some of us had families… At this moment I will take a break from the scene and enjoy my mine and life

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